Garden Ideas for Sport Lovers


If you have a garden, no matter how small, you can turn it into a place to play sports. Sport is a fantastic activity that can get everybody in the family active and helps family members to bond.

We are now living in a world where our sedentary lifestyles have led to an obesity crisis. One way to tackle this problem head on is to get more physical exercise. Many schools do not have the time or resources to improve sporting facilities so why not take action yourself?

Best Kind of Sports for a Small Garden

For small gardens with a paved patio or driveway, shooting hoop is an all-time favorite sport. One hoop and one ball is all that you need to provide hours of fun. Shooting hoop is an excellent workout as it involves ducking, running, jumping, weaving and shooting, which works the whole body.

An outdoor tennis table is great fun too. You can either purchase a table or build your own with some pieces of board and a small net. It is a simple, but highly addictive game, which will bring out the competitive spirit in anybody who plays it.

Sports for Larger Gardens

If you are fortunate to have a larger garden with a large grassed area, you can play most sports. A soccer goal is essential for boys but equally is fun for all the family. A single goal will provide hours of entertainment as one person takes goal while the others practice passing, tackling, ball control and shooting.

On fair days with low wind speeds badminton is a good option, however, it cannot really be played when the wind is blowing. However, with an adjustable net you could play lawn tennis, space permitting. Volleyball is another fun garden sport that is easy to set up.

For those who prefer a more relaxing pastime, grass bowls can be played on an immaculate lawn, otherwise the French game of boules, where the metal balls are thrown, is good on rougher ground. Another classic game is croquet, which was made popular by the English aristocracy. This quite simple game only requires a croquet set containing the necessary equipment and a good lawn to play it on.

For the more adventurous, with plenty of room, dodge ball is a fantastic game for the family to play together.

How to Build Your Own Sports Garden

How you build your sports’ garden depends largely on how much space you have and what sports you want to play. For basketball, it pays to improve the hard ground so that you have a perfectly flat area, ideally made with asphalt, to get the best control over the ball. If you prepare a flat area, you can install a tiled court. Check out the basketball courts at for some of the best tiled courts.

For lawn sports some care and planning needs to be considered. Ornamental lawns are not suitable for sports, as the grass will quickly die off under the constant trampling. A hardier grass mix is required; usually rye grass mixed with fescue provides a good combination of hardwearing quality and a lush green surface. Another good grass for sports’ areas is Kentucky bluegrass.

If you have the space, you should consider building a dedicated sports court. This could be the size of a tennis court and be set out with lines for tennis and basketball, with an adjustable net that is suitable for badminton and volleyball too.

You do not need to build a full-sized tennis court; a short half court will provide enough space for singles’ tennis.

Advantages of a Sporty Garden

A sporty garden will ensure that you make the best use of your home’s exterior space. Many people hardly venture out into the back yard in winter when it is cold. If you have adopted your garden for sport, you can use it all year round. With a little planning and maintenance, a sporty garden can add value to your home and help you to build a stronger and happier family.

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