My Blogging Nook – Work in Progress


As part of my new year resolution of home improvements, here is a blog post that’s been sitting in my Drafts folder the past couple of weeks.

As I continue to make our house a home, I want to document the process to make sure I stay on track, and so here’s the first basic change I made a couple of months ago, attempting to make our home office less office-y and more home-y.

We still have a way to go though 🙁 .

We finally decided that the study was the perfect place to hang up snubnose’s Modigliani that K and I were arguing about. To make me even more happy, we also decided to put up the infamous lampshade I bought in January this year. I really do wish we had gone all the way and just bought the largest size.

Everything looks too small in our house now.

My blogging nook

My blogging nook

This is where I blog as I listen to streaming music. And if you are wondering what is the purple eye sore in the corner, that’s the snubnose’s camera.


My wish now is to get rid of all those unsightly cables and hubs that are a part of the office desk. I am also in a hurry for Piglet to just grow up already so that he stops opening drawers and pulling stuff off the table. Because of him, our study drawers and lower storage (you can’t see it in the photo, but the table has plenty of storage) lies empty and everything is heaped up on the left corner against the wall.

My ideal office space/blogging nook would be like the one below. I drool over this image all the time. This desk is just catnip for minimalists like me. The name also just calls to me – One Less Desk. So simple and minimal.

My dream office space

My dream office space

Sigh! This is just too pricey, and when you factor in shipping, and customs, it is totally out of my budget. It’s also probably impractical. While I love the form factor and the idea of it, I am unsure how it will resolve real-world storage problems of backup devices, printers, scanners, cable modems, wireless routers and so on.

Still one can always dream, right?

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  • Avada Kedavra

    The last pic made me drool. I want to have such a space sometime in future. Staying in rented house doesnt make it feasible for now.

    • Nishita

      @Avada Kedavra: The best part about that desk is just how little space it occupies. I saw it featured on a few design blogs, and it’s lovely for small spaces too.

      However, the cost is really a limiting factor 🙁

  • Shweta

    I wish I could have such a blogging space too! I keep drooling over these IKEA pieces and keep reminding myself how it’s not going to happen for a while especially when we keep shifting every two or three years.
    Your blogging space is absolutely spic and span when compared to mine 🙂

    • Nishita

      @disqus_W3bZsBdKXf:disqus i cleaned it up a bit before taking the photo, not too much as I wanted to reflect how it really looks, but I did a little dusting, and removed all snubnose’s dirty socks, which she always likes to throw on the desk 🙂

  • veens

    First off, could you gift me, maybe a painting from snub- nose… something colorful and cheerful for my dull walls. please let her sign it for me :o) Man is she talented or what. I can only imagine what you have on your hallways, if this is in the study 🙂 Seriously that camera is adorable 🙂 and that study u imagine is a bit boring 😀 Something about clutter and color, always makes me happy lol! love the light… and I like these series of posts too… Someday when we own our own pad, I will do this then and blog about it too… praying that it happens soon 🙂 By the way did i tell you i LOVE your pad?

    • Nishita

      @veens:disqus Why don’t you inbox me your mailing address? ( We have tons of stuff lying around 🙂

      Actually, we don’t have anything in the hallways as we are still waiting for her to do her masterpiece. K wants to save the space till she does something really big 🙂

      Glad you like the idea of this series of posts. I am planning to do more just to motivate me to redecorate. Our budget is low, so I am only doing small things a little bit at a time – a few plants here and there, some art work, wall decorations…stuff like that this year.

      Good luck getting your own place 🙂

      • veens

        I thought I did replied here but it seems somehow my comment never got posted (sometimes mobile acts up :-/) My address is . No color preferences, I am just touched you actually took me seriously 🙂 Thank you!

    • Nishita

      @veens:disqus also let me know if you have any color preferences in the art work 🙂

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