Guest Post: Speed Quizzing Gets a Rework


When an app becomes successful it’s always an exciting time and the team behind the SpeedQuizzing app have been enjoying an increase in popularity since they launched around a year ago.

With pubs, bars, clubs and music festivals up and down the UK – and even some venues in the US – seizing the chance to play an updated and much more fun Smartphone quiz, the team decided the time was right for a rebrand.

Branding research

Extensive research was carried out by the guys at SpeedQuizzing – brothers John and Alan Leach who originally came up with the concept of revolutionizing the boring old pub quiz by adding some 21st century tech to it.

We knew we had a great product, said Alan. Feedback and uptake has been great since we launched but we also knew that a fresh new look and clearer naming policies would help people to hear about SpeedQuizzing and encourage them to try it out.

Using feedback from SpeedQuizzing hosts, participants, peers and many more, the brothers decided to re-brand the name, website, look and feel of the app, as well as launch some brand new marketing tools to help people fully enjoy the product.

How does it work?

The app itself utilizes sophisticated software to make the pub quiz – or any kind of quiz – seamless, fast and impossible to cheat. Although originally designed purely as a pub quiz, it has become clear that the app and software works in many different scenarios – from parties to music festivals and everything in between.

Players just need one mobile device between them – either a smart phone or a tablet – and to download the free app from They can then use the device to answer questions, which go directly to the quiz master’s computer which is already loaded with the software.

The mobile device can also be used as a buzzer, opening up the possibility of fast answer rounds, which makes it much more interactive and fun for people to play.

What’s in a name?

The team was cognizant of the fact that the app had much more uses than just as a traditional pub quiz. They plan to expand into different sectors, including education, over the next couple of years and as such needed to make sure the name reflected this.

A move from the pub quiz based name to Smartphone Quiz makes it clear it’s got multiple uses. And to help people market their event in the appropriate way, there is also a brand new web tool available. The Poster Designer web tool allows customers to create a bespoke poster for their event within minutes – they can then save it and print off up to A1 size to help advertise their event.

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