Krispy Kreme Yummyness and Some Ballet and Theme Updates


Last Sunday was spent ferrying the snubnose to extra ballet rehearsals. She is due to perform in a ballet performance of Cinderella mid-December and the dance practice is really heating up.

Snubnose actually has a very minor role in the ballet. She plays the role of the mouse in Cinderella’s house 🙂 . She is on stage only for a short while, and most of the rehearsals involve standing around and gossiping with her friends watching Cinderella and the Prince in action. But she still needs to spend a good 3 hours there.

She can’t eat much (if anything at all) before the dance as it slows her down and so I generally pack something light n healthy that she can eat once her part in the rehearsals is done.

Last Sunday though we ran terribly late + there was a political rally in town and so we just barely made it on time and I was forced to pick up something close by, and that is inevitably some junk food.

I never knew Krispy Kreme had an outlet close by to her rehearsal venue. But the moment I spotted it, there was no hesitation, I waltzed in and demanded their regular Chocolate Glazed donuts for Snubnose to keep her energy levels high, or that’s how I justified it to myself 😉 .

The thing usually with donuts in Bangalore is there is never enough demand, and so most donuts are on the stale side. But, boy Krispy Kreme’s is different. There was a long line of patrons, and the staff just about managed to keep up with the orders.

What this ensured was that the donuts I got were totally fresh, made just a couple of minutes before.

So mouth-watering that I sneaked in one for myself as well. There goes my diet.

So fresh and delicious!

Heart these yummy donuts

Heart these yummy donuts

I was surprised to see the queue for these though. People were buying donuts in dozens, and I was like what the hell. I never knew we were such a donut eating population 😀 .

Anyway, the donuts were delicious and snubnose relished it as an unforeseen treat. The unspoken idea from her is that we can make the donut one of our rituals when we come for ballet practice. That, snubnose, we”ll have to wait and see.

Apart from driving the snubnose around for ballet and art classes, and sundry other errands, and some major home improvement projects (more on that front later), I have been doing some retooling on the blog as well. I changed up things a bit theme wise, I did some PHP upgrades (back-end), and queued up some posts for the first week of December when I”ll be traveling on work, and will be offline most of the time. The blogging schedule during my travel time looks to be on track, however I will be slow in responding to comments.

Regular readers, how do you like the theme change? Last night, I switched from Panel to Highwind, and so far, I am liking the change. Which look do you prefer? Is this look a bit too pink for you?

  • SRS

    I love Krispy kreme too…especially they way the hot donuts come down the belt…..I think I want to get one right away 🙂

  • I like this theme and Krispy Kreme as well, that rhymed, didn’t it 😀

    Actually I love Krispy Kreme and this theme as well, that also rhymed, didn’t it 😀

    • Nish

      @Jairam: haha… I was actually thinking about you when I put all that pink on the blog. I thought you would definitely not like it. Glad you surprised me :).

  • Where there are doughnuts there will be a doughnut eating population. Though I am not a fan of Krispy Kreme myself (too sweet).

    I can’t remember what the earlier theme was, but this one is a tad pink.

    • Nish

      @thebluebride: The only donuts we like around here are the chocolate ones, the other ones are just too sweet, regardless of the brand.

      What I like about KrispyKreme is the freshness there, it will probably not remain fresh once the donut craze goes down, but for the time being it’s very nice 🙂

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