Guest Post: Unique, Video-Game Inspired Bowling Ball Designs


Some people love video games and some people love bowling. It stands to reason then that there will be people who love both. When this happens, certain people prefer to express their enjoyment of both pastimes by finding ways to combine them. One method of doing so is with a custom-made bowling ball design which is inspired by video games. Here are a few good examples.

Zombie Ball

The Zombie Ball

The Zombie Ball

There is no bigger or more common enemy in video games than zombies. They have found their way into every genre ever made. Not only that, but they are part of pop culture now so having a zombie bowling ball can be considered quite cool. However, the design is definitely not for everyone as it can be considered a little too graphic for some people.

Kirby Ball

The Kirby Ball

The Kirby Ball

This is a great idea because Kirby is a very popular video game character, but also because it is very easy to put into practice. Kirby is just a giant ball anyway with small hands and feet so any bowling ball can be transformed to look like Kirby with a minimal paint job. All you need is to paint it pink, then add a happy mouth and two large eyes and you are done.

Pac-Man Ball

The Pac-Man Ball

The Pac-Man Ball

If Kirby still seems a little too complicated for you, then you can go even simpler with an even more iconic video game character: Pac-Man. Like Kirby, he is basically just a giant ball. Nowadays he has arms and legs but in the beginning he didn’t even have those. He was just a yellow ball with a black dot for an eye so, ultimately, you can go as far as you want in terms of making a ball look like Pac-Man.

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  • mohammed teko

    hey i jus wanna know im looking to get a bowling ball custom made for fun as i already have 2 proper ones for my tournaments i wanna get a clear ball with a pokemon inside it does anyone know if this is possibble at all to do please help me out thank u

  • those are some cute balls. I loved Kirby 🙂

  • That zombie ball is SO cool!

    • @Keri: Isn’t it? That’s my fave too 🙂

  • I like custom things, when you can bring two things you enjoy together!

    • @Zoe: Glad you liked this post. I am very fond of bowling as a pastime and I thought these looked cute…hence this guest post 🙂

      • 😀 Lovely idea. Our bowling alley here is so pathetic I have only gone to it twice. Really wish they would up their game a bit…

        • @Zoe: Oh, here bowling is a newish pastime, so most places are really very plush 🙂

          • Lucky lucky. It must be nice, and especially when they are new! We have ONE bowling alley for my whole town with (get this) four super-skinny lanes hahaha!

            • @Zoe: Yes, it is nice. but consider bowling as a sport made an appearance here only around 2002 or so…before we had nothing. We just used to read Archie comics and envy their lifestyles 😀

              • Oh wow, so it is still very new! Teehee, at least the comics were fun! 😛

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