Piglet Gives us a Scare


Piglet gave us all a scare last week.

It was a regular evening at home…all quiet, and we were just chilling looking forward to a relaxing weekend. K was frying up something in the kitchen and I was playing with snubnose and piglet.

All it took was a moment’s distraction. I turned to listen to something snubnose was saying, and piglet took the opportunity to rush off and see what was going on in the kitchen. In just a moment, piglet was on the floor making a weird laughing / crying sound. It took a little while to figure out what exactly happened.

At first, I thought he had hit his head, but no, Piglet indicated that his hand had an ouchie and I realized that Piglet had fallen on his hand. There was no visible wound. Nevertheless, we did the rubbing thing, then we did the ice thing, but Piglet remained agitated. A frantic call to the doctor reassured us. She prescribed some medication on the phone and asked us to bring him in first thing in the morning.

So, that’s what he did and a lot of tears later, Piglet finally settled in to sleep.

The next morning he seemed fine but he still wasn’t using his left hand and so we took him for a medical examination to rule out our biggest fears – a fracture or sprain.

Thankfully, it seems like it’s neither of the two. The doctor laughed us out the door only consenting to tie a sling around Piglet’s arm so that he doesn’t hurt himself further.

A Grumpy Piglet at the Doctor's Office

A Grumpy Piglet at the Doctor’s Clinic

The challenge that now remains is to keep Piglet from tugging at and removing his makeshift sling. Thankfully, so far he’s showing no wish to do so, and is perfectly happy with all the attention his sling is getting.

The sling comes off in another couple of days and things will be back to normal…as such Piglet is back to normal already. Phew! The night he fell down was one sleepless night for all of us. Not for Piglet, he did eventually sleep, but all of us were worried. Piglet is usually the grin and bear it type, he hardly ever cries, so when he does, we take it pretty seriously.

The ever cheerful Piglet in his sling

The ever cheerful Piglet in his sling

Note: We didn’t feel the doctor’s sling was adequate enough so we tied a towel on top of his sling to make sure he keeps it immobile. Piglet really was quite sporting about it 😀

  • I was so worried that some of the oil from frying burned him. So thankful he wasn’t hurt badly, but yeah, scary.

    • @Jenn: Thankfully, no. We are very careful with our cooking, and we never let him near. He was actually opening and closing a couple of kitchen cabinets- a pretty harmless activity generally, and we let him arrange vessels in it.

      This time, something went awry :(. He’s fine now though, out of his sling, and back to normal.

  • Glad he’s ok and nothing serious. Plus he gets all the extra attention of having a sling. Not a bad trade off from his point of view probably! 🙂

    • @Stefanie: It wasn’t a bad trade at all. He loved all the extra hugs and kisses 🙂

  • Poor Piglet! Glad he’s okay 🙂

    • @samstillreading: Yes, he’s fine now 🙂

  • Great !

  • Thank God!

    • @Veens: Yeah, in my head, I knew it could not be serious. He didn’t fall from any height or anything. However, I was very worried when he wouldn’t stop crying 🙁

      Thank god, it worked out all right.

  • Thank god…..nothing serious. But seriously to figure out the inner problem is something very challenging with babies specially when they cant express it . Hope himaanshu is fine now…..

    • @Nandini: Yeah, he’s all right now. He is on paracetamol to keep him comfortable, but nothing seriously wrong with him 🙂

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