Ganesh Chaturthi Fun


The Ganesh Chaturthi festival is usually a bit of a bummer for me. My entire family has a holiday except for me. Every year, I drag myself into office feeling terrible about all the fun I’m missing at home.

This year was a pleasant surprise. The previous night K had dropped heavy hints that something unexpected would happen. Knowing K’s unimaginative nature, I immediately guessed to myself that they were going to do a surprise visit to my workplace.

I was not far wrong :).

Opposite my office is a mall that has some fun stuff for kids, and so K and the littles spent the morning there. I got a call during my lunch break, and I sneaked off across the road to join them for a while.

Here are some photos…

Nicest lunch break ever 🙂

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  • So colourful, I would enjoy playing there too if I was a kid 🙂 Nice pictures!

  • oh that’s bad. Why dont they give holiday on ganesh chaturthi? that’s weird.. we celebrated it on sunday here, since according to US calendar, it was on sunday.

    • you guys did have fun 🙂 🙂 nice to see kiddos playing..

    • @Ava: Each company has their own policy. Technically, it’s a flexi-leave but I need to hold on to my leaves for actual emergencies.

  • Awww! It looks like a good time was had by all.

    • @Jenny: Oh, yes, it was such a pleasant break to the day 🙂

  • Gosh, they are two gorgeous children. Glad you were able to see them during the day after all.

    • @deweydecimalbutler: Thanks :), yes, it turned out to be a great day after all

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