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This is a continuation post from the earlier post in this sunglass series.

There is reel life, then there is real life. Actresses have to strike the balance between looking good for the reel and looking good for real. This includes their choice in clothes, jewelry, and most of all, sunglasses. So which actresses make wearing sunglasses in reel life and real life look good?

Halle Berry

She was already famous before that scene in Swordfish where she wore those sunglasses…and little much else. Sunglass enthusiasts are still debating what shades she wore in that scene; it seems as if they keep getting distracted by something else ;).

Halle Berry rocking the bug-eyed model

Halle Berry rocking the bug-eyed model

Anyway, off-screen Berry has been seen wearing the Sparrow and Galore models by Dita, the Guess Shira, the Carrera Gipsy, the Tom Ford 0082 Veronique and the Kate Spade Veronica. All are bug-eyed models. You can find Ford’s as well as several high brands at AllBrandsGlasses.

Jennifer Aniston

She played a horrible boss in Horrible Bosses but actually looked good and far from horrible in those Oakley Radar Path sunglasses. She also caught attention in the Tom Ford Jennifer FT0008 even while trying to look anonymous in The Bounty Hunter.

Jennifer Aniston in her aviators

Jennifer Aniston in her aviators

Off-screen Aniston favors Ray Ban, particularly the 3025 Aviator. She has also been seen in Oliver Peoples, Tom Ford and Paul Smith sunglasses.

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron - I love her hair and sunglasses in this photo. She looks super-cool

Charlize Theron – I love her hair and sunglasses in this photo. She looks super-cool

After accidentally revealing herself as having superpowers in Hancock, Theron immediately grabbed Paul Smith 833 sunglasses to hide her identity. It did little to hide the fact that she was super awesome. Bug-eyes make her look particularly good, like in Young Adult where she wears the Christian Dior Zemire sunglasses.

She carries her love for bug-eyes off-screen as she has often been seen in large lens models such as the Calvin Klein 4156, the Dolce and Gabbana 4114, the Tom Ford Ace, the Ray Ban 4099 and the D&G 6035.

Angelina Jolie

Her wearing the Oliver People Strummer in Wanted led to a lot of people wanting to try that particular model. She also hid her eyes with the TD Tom Davies 13435 in The Tourist.

Angelina Jolie in her Supersized Sunnies

Angelina Jolie in her Supersized Sunnies

Another lover of bug-eyes, she has been seen with the D&G 207K, the Badgley Mischka Perry, the Gucci 1889, the Tom Ford Delphine and the Persol PO 2914 which all have huge lenses that conceal more than just the eyes but also a little of the upper cheeks.

Julia Roberts

Roberts starred in eat, pray, wear awesome sunglasses that people love. Sorry, that’s Eat, Pray, Love. So what did she wear in this spiritual comedy-drama? The Ray Ban 3025 Aviator. She was also seen wearing the Fendi 451 playing a spy in Duplicity.

When not eating, praying, loving, or spying, Roberts has been seen wearing a variety of other glasses including Persol, Blinde Design and more Ray Ban.

Julia Roberts rocking her shades

Julia Roberts rocking her shades

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