A Meta-Physical or Some Such Conversation with Snubnose


Recently, snubnose has really expanded her thinking.

In school, she is currently learning about the earth, the rotation and revolution of it, the seasons, and the day/night circles…all good things.

But, I love how she tries to use what she learns and come up with new theories.

Read on for some major meta-physical/philosophical stuff…

Snubnose: I have an idea, mommy.
Me: What idea, snubnose?
Snubnose: I know how we can make time go back.
Me: Very good (nose buried in book)
Snubnose: Mommy, I know to make time go back!!!
Me: (finally looking up), what did you say?
Snubnose: Mommy, I know to make time go back!!!
Me: How?
Snubnose: (getting a little incoherent but here I give the gist of what she said) See, we can make time go back by making the earth to revolve in the opposite direction.
Me: Ehh?
Snubnose: See, when the earth is revolving, the seasons change from spring, summer, autumn and winter. If we make the earth revolve in the other direction, seasons will change from winter, autumn, summer, and spring. So, it goes backwards, and so we will be moving back in time.
Me: Umm, ohh, I never really thought of it like that.
Snubnose: It’s very simple, and plunges into the same explanation again, this time demoing her theory with a ball.
Me: This reminds me, snubnose. I really need to get you a globe.
Snubnose: Yes, mama. Let’s go to Hamley’s and get a globe.

Conversation then veered off entirely into shopping-related stuff, but I couldn’t put this theory out of my mind and I just had to document this on my blog.

I am a person who has never questioned or thought too deeply about stuff like this. You could blame my school education for that, which always focussed on facts and less on theories and questions. But I suspect that I am like that anyway…generally uncurious. So, I just love it when I hear snubnose rambling on about stuff like this, and coming up with all sorts of out-there ideas. It’s so different from who and what I am, and it’s fascinating.

I guess one of the best things about being a mom is seeing your kids become something so separate and different and unique from you. At least, that’s the way I feel. I don’t understand parents who are all hung up about who their kids resemble. Who cares? They are their own people.

  • Beautiful post

  • Absolutely beautiful post. I am a father of a little daughter myself and all those act of little wit she performs continues to amaze me.

    • @Abhra: Thanks. It’s true, kids and daughters especially since they talk so much…are amazing…the things they come up with

  • Yea children think so differently…so creatively…some of the things they say just amazes me 🙂

  • Wow, way to go snubnose! That is a totally ingenious idea to have, and it would never ever have occurred to me, at that age or any other. I mean, it would now but only because I’ve seen Superman. :p

  • So fantastic. I love how kids think and talk. Good on you for fostering that.

    • @Jenn: Nothing I did, listening to her talk is enough. She’s very much a stream of consciousness person where she vocalizes every thought running through her mind. Every once in a while, I get some gems 🙂

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  • You know if you have seen SUperman movies, in one of the movies, that guy does it ( to bring back his GF) ..Snubnose is brilliant. she thought about it 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • @Veens: Oh, really? How cool. She should write scripts for movies, then 😀

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