Fifty Shades of Grey – The Movie


I saw on Random Reads that the book Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L.James is going to be made into a movie.

It is going to star Dakota Johnson and Charlie Hunnam as the lead pair.

Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey

I am the first to admit the following:

  1. I have read the first two books in this series (during my maternity leave no less). On my blog, I have Drawn A Veil over the utter and complete trash that I read during those months 🙂
  2. And I still give the side-eye when I see people picking up the book or worse reading through it at the library or the book shop

LOL, anyway back to the point of this post.

When I first heard the movie announcement, I was expecting it to be something of a high-grade skin flick…porn if I may be blunt here.

But, these actors? I don’t know them, but they seem to have acting credentials. I mean Charlie Hunnam seems to have acted in Nicholas Nickleby for heaven’s sake. That’s as far away from 50 Shades as you can get…

So, it looks like a legitimate mainstream movie. Hmm, but if they clean up the sex, what else is there? I think the script-writer will really have to bend over backward trying to make this material filmable.

What do you think? I am curious as to how it’s all going to turn out. Not so curious as to actually see the movie, but I do feel gleeful thinking of all the ironic and witty tweets and reviews that are definitely going to come as a side-effect of this movie…these I know I”ll enjoy.

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  • I read book 1 and couldn’t read more than that but I’m not at all eager to watch the movie. If its main stream movie they WILL have to do major script changes or else there’s nothing in there like u said 🙂

  • I couldnt get past 50 pages of the book 😛 Initial pages reminded me of Twilight. After that, couldn’t continue. Without even reading reviews, I picked it up by looking at the bestsellers in a bookshop. Can’t imagine how the movie is going to be 🙂

    • @Ava: Yea, the book is complete trash. You haven’t missed out on anything 🙂

  • I imagine they are going to approach it in the same way as “The Secretary”…

  • i have to say that i totally hate the book but still i took the time to read all the three in the series just to see what it was going to end into. don’t know what i was expecting but the third book was pathetic and i don’t even remember what was in it, not that its worth wasting memory on!! but, movie??? and, there was such speculation over who is going to play the main characters. didn’t know they had finalized.

    • @Swati: Read the first two but the third was atrocious, I left it less than halfway through.

  • Nish, you’re compelling me to reveal my deep dark secret with this post – I raced through the books and enjoyed them! The writing was crappy and even the sex was repetitive, but it was reminiscent of school days, when we used to pass around Mills & Boons with “those parts” bookmarked. 😉

    Ever since there have been talks about the book being adapted into a movie, I’ve been wondering just how they are going to accomplish it. And if they do include all the sex, I doubt that it will ever release in India. Or if it does, it will be over in, like, 20 mins, because, you know, they’ll cut out all the sex.

    • @Modern Gypsy: I doubt this movie will be released in any form in India.

  • I will admit, I have read these books and enjoyed them. Yeah they’re badly written and yeah some of the sentences are appalling but seriously, who reads these for the language?

    I’m really disappointed in who they have picked to play Christian and its put me off watching the film completely! I think Dakota Johnson was a good choice however because she looks very innocent and she’s not overly well-known. It wouldn’t have worked with an actress who is really popular and has obvious sex-appeal.

    I do wonder though how they’re going to go about making this film because lets face it – the book is porn. Even if they rate it 18 surly there’s only so much they can show? Otherwise it will literately be classed as a porn film? It’ll be interesting to see what they come up with!

    • @Jenny: I too wonder how they’re going to film it. It’s not just about the sex, but the book goes into a lot of details, and the details are important enough to show, I think? I mean you can’t not show the bondage part and the whipping and the cuffs and all. It’s definitely verging very close to porn.

      Also, I don’t know of either of the actors, but they both look too blonde (and bland) for the roles, I think.

      • Yeah definitely. When you read it and picture Christian in your head personally, I see Ryan Gosling in Crazy, Stupid Love. And yeah I could swear Ana was a brunette?

        And I agree, in the book it goes into a lot of detail about his family, previous relationships and how he turned out the way he is – I’m not sure the film would be able to do that very well and if they did, it would be about 4 hours long!

        • @Jenny: I think they”ll break it up into two movies at least.

  • My main response to this piece of news (apart from really wishing Ben and Kate had not gotten canceled because I am fond of Dakota Johnson and I want better things for her than this) is to keep giggling helplessly when I think about how hilarious it would have been if the author had gotten her way and they had cast Robert Pattinson. Oh it would have been so great. Oh he would have hated his life so much and given interviews about how much he hates his life. Ahahaha, I am giggling now.

    • @Jenny: Good lord, why would you wish this on Pattinson? I don’t like him but having to play the same role all over again? The poor thing!

  • I didn’t even bother to read these books. I heard so many bad comments about the books.

    I can’t believe they are going to make a movie out of it. I definitely won’t go to see the movie either.

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    • @Elizabeth: You are wise to stay away. The books are badly written and they are absurdly unchaste.

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