Piglet Does Something Sensible


Piglet has finally managed to accomplish what I’ve been yearning to do for years. He has poked out the eyes of K’s doll.

Look away if massacred dolls give you the chills.

Doll with the eyes gouged out. Look closely at the second photo to see the eyes rattling in his head

Doll with the eyes gouged out. Look closely at the second photo to see the eyes rattling in his head

Needless to say, K is quite pissed off with Piglet for destroying his favorite childhood plaything from nearly 4 decades ago. Me? I am beyond delighted. This half-naked fossil from K’s childhood has been the bane of my existence, looking out from our showpiece cabinet throughout our married life.

The rest of the cabinet contained lovely souvenirs of our travels, and some sophisticated keepsakes but they were all dwarfed by this monstrous doll that always drew everyone’s attention to it alone.

While moving house a few months back, I had planned to give this away to somebody, but K vetoed the idea. I was so glad that Piglet has finally destroyed it, only to find that K is still not willing to dump it.

I may have mentioned in older posts that K is a hoarder. Now you know what I am dealing with here :).

Brava Piglet! Good job!

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  • heh 😀

  • poupee97

    But it looks so much worse now than it must have earlier! Nobody could possibly want to keep this, much less display it???

    • @poupee97: Well, we still have it in our house, and this is an oldish incident, happened sometime in June 🙂

  • I am a hoarder too 🙁 The Arien has this use or dispose fetish which drives me nuts. While I agree the doll does look creepy, this feels like a conspiracy 😛 Poor K!

    • @Casey: Really, but I am sure you must be taking care of your stuff, at least. And K does not know about this blog post yet, so conspiracy in that way 🙂

  • Well done Piglet! Now the toy is extremely extremely creepy. :p

    • @Jenny: Yes, it is. Isn’t it. I remember a movie about a possessed doll that I saw as a kid. I don’t remember the name now, but this one reminds me of that.

      I generally find dolls creepy anyway…

  • Ha ha ha you are too funny. Did you instigate this by the way?

    • @Reema: haha, no. I didn’t do anything. I just allowed him to play with the doll. Dolls are meant to be played with anyway, not put up for display 😀

  • Anonymous

    ha ha..good job hemanshu

  • Anonymous

    ha ha..
    good job hemanshu…

  • I am going to admit that I am laughing so hard right now that everybody is wondering what is so funny. I can totally imagine how this went down. Thanks for sharing this!

    • @Cisca: Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

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