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All that Harry Potter love in my earlier post reminded me that I need to polish up and publish this post that has languished in my drafts folder for a week now.

I saw on Mashable that new Harry Potter editions with lovely new covers have been released.

And because I love me some Harry Potter art, I am re-posting the covers here, side by side with the old ones. The new ones are on the left, old ones on the right.

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I think I like the new art work more. It reflects the content in the books better I think. The artist who created these covers is Kazu Kibuishi. More information about him is here.

It’s not just the covers, people. The spines of the books are also designed. Put together as a set, the spines form an image of Hogwarts. It’s not exactly like my mental image of Hogwarts, but considering that the books are fatter than they are taller, he’s done a pretty good job keeping the space considerations in mind.

Lovely spine art of Hogwarts

Lovely spine art of Hogwarts

And the box set includes this wonderful image of Hogsmeade…


I think this is the perfect gift for Potterphiles, don’t you think? I am sure everyone’s old books are a little battered by now. Time to get a new set :).

Do you love these new covers? Are you planning to get them?

  • I love the Order of the Phoenix cover! Beautiful!

    • @Amelia: Yeah, that and The Goblet of Fire ones are real improvements on the original covers :).

  • Except maybe for the UK edition, I love all the HP covers even the old ones. Mary Grand Pre also did a good job and I can still remember how I collected her works a long time ago because I love looking at them! 😀

    A thumbs up to Kazu too because he really did a good job on those covers. I am certainly going to buy this new edition as part of my HP collection. 😀

    • @Charlotte: I love the Mary Grand Pre ones too 🙂

  • I do love the covers and I SO MUCH love books in boxes, but I don’t think I can part with my current copies of the books. I have had them for so long now. I have grown attached. It’s too bad really–I never liked the covers of the first four books (the last three I quite like), and I think the new ones are gorgeous and better.

    • @Jenny: I don’t mind the old covers honestly. I definitely didn’t like those ones which tried to make the books look like classics. They took the fun out of it.

  • It is actually a really nice set, but I recently bought my box set (due to no longer having the books). I wish I had children’s covers, but I was willing to sacrifice it to have The Philosopher’s Stone as well as British English in the books.

    However, the box art is really impressive on this, something fresh and new!

    • @Zoe: That’s a good point you make about British English. I would definitely want that in my books.

      • 🙂 Thanks. Glad to hear that I am not the only one that is particularly specific about that!

  • Hi Nishita, I’ve been looking for this edition but can’t find it in India. Can you please tell me the ISBN number if you know it, and the link where it can be purchased?

  • I love them! Though I dont think I would get them. They would surely be overpriced.

    • @Jeyna: I am sure they are 🙁

  • Sinetheta

    Now I want one… I am starting to dislike the previous one….:/

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