Super Shipping with Snugg and Parcel2Go


In my earlier post, I made a passing mention about Snugg’s super-fast shipping.

I think I need to elaborate in a little more detail. I live in India, and so I don’t really expect to get packages from the UK or US within a week of placing the order.

Snugg offers international postal and courier shipping. Their rates differ on the size of the package and the country. Snugg uses Parcel2Go for their shipping.

Parcel2Go works with international courier services such as FedEx, DHL, and many others to send their packages on time. I was surprised and impressed to get my parcel within 5 working days and in good shape – no broken or smushed boxes here…something I often encounter while shopping online.

This delivery service was unknown to me before this experience, but now I can heartily recommend it for buyers and sellers. You don’t have to take my word for it, there are plenty of good recommendations online.

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