Wordless Wednesdays: Snake in our Garden

Close up of the snake

Close up of the snake

Our security guard caught the snake before it could hurt anyone.

Our security guard caught the snake before it could hurt anyone.

This is a type of flying snake that is mildly venomous according to National Geographic. They don’t hurt people, but they can definitely be harmful to pets and maybe small children.

A couple of weeks before this incident, we found a baby cobra in our backyard. I hate to kill animals but with Snubnose and Piglet around, I am taking no chances, and so we’re pretty ruthless with the snakes we do find 🙁 .

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  • I don’t blame you on the snake removal. I love animals too but harmful ones have to go. A pair of skunks set up housekeeping under my garage a few years ago and when I called a trapper to remove them he said most skunks are rabid and should be destroyed… eeek!

  • Oh no! I have a had a snake in my house once and it was scary! You were very brave.

    • @samstillreading: On both occasions, I wasn’t present. These photos were taken by my husband. I am scared stiff about snakes.

  • Oh my! I’m not afraid of snakes but I do have a healthy respect for the venomous kind. I’m pretty glad we only have the non-venomous sort in my area!

    • @Stefanie: Even non-venomous snakes can hurt sometimes if you stumble across them unawares. I know a girl who fell from a tree after getting startled by a snake and broke her leg.

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  • readerbuzz

    Cobra?! Eek!

    Here’s my Wordless Wednesday!

  • I do live in the countryside. One time, a snake jumped (or fell) from a banana leaf (close to our fence) into our yard. Good thing our strong male neighbor was there to handle the scene. Let’s be careful.

    • @Kitkit: That sounds so scary. I actually didn’t see this snake. My husband took these shots. If I had seen it, I would have been much too flustered/nervous/panicky to take photos of it 🙂

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