Guest Post: Favorite Sunglass Styles


When the sun comes out, you want to have the best looking shades, don’t you?

There are so many big name brands like Prada, Celine, Louis Vuitton and Ray-Ban are often sported out and about. There are some celebrities that truly have a certain style and selection about their sunglasses. Some of the biggest Hollywood stars can be seen wearing everything from designer Wayfarer shades to retro vintage looks.

Lana Del Rey

With a style so unique, Del Rey has been dubbed the American retro queen! The Blue Jeans singer goes for a vintage look with her shade selections. They include black round sunglasses and the classic clarkmaster style with smoke lenses and a heart-shaped dark color lenses sunglasses which provide a girly yet vintage vibe that really stays true to her personal style.

Hearting Lana delRay's cute heart shaped ones

Hearting Lana delRay’s cute heart shaped ones

Katy Perry

This out-of-this-world singer and fashion icon has truly made a name for herself by blending retro 1950s and modern fashion. Her shades of choice vary from classic and contemporary cateye sunglasses to aviator styles and wayfarer. However one of her most recent looks featured round tortoise shell sunglasses at Coachella.

Love how Katy Perry's sunglasses compliment her face shape

Love how Katy Perry’s sunglasses compliment her face shape

Selena Gomez

Young and fiery, Selena Gomez is both an actress and singer known for her comical genius, unique wardrobe and effervescent smile. Her shades are no different. Selena often opts for colorful frames and bright lenses in wayfarer style but has also been spotted in oversized Aviators and square frame sunglasses as well. She was recently spotted in a pair of 1980s style mirror lensed wayfarers at the beach.

Fiery Sunglasses play down her goody goody looks

Fiery Sunglasses play down her goody goody looks

Ryan Gosling

And here’s the token male eye candy 😉

This has definitely been Ryan Gosling’s year. This experienced actor and all-around heart-throb often goes for a dashing style with simple yet classic selections that have a modern twist. His favorite sunglasses are black frames with light lenses either in wayfarer or round frame style. His recent selections included round frames from Persol sunglasses.

Looking good!

Looking good!

And finally…

Jennifer Lawrence

It’s been a big year for this break out actress who became famous for her role in The Hunger Games. The starlet has been known for being more casual about her fashion selections than the flaming fire gowns she wore on set. Her favorite sunglass choices include oversized aviator and wayfarer styles. On the street, you can spot her wearing oversized vintage square framed glasses from Tory Burch.

Cool shades making up for the messy hair

Cool shades making up for the messy hair

Thanks to Brian Trota for this guest post written for me and

  • looks really awesome..i really enjoy reading it..

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  • I like the glasses Selena Gomez is wearing so much…I even considered buying them when I saw them at Aldo…but then decided otherwise…I wan’t sure whether I would be able to carry them off…People in Delhi would probably just stare at me, believing me to be a crazy woman, I am sure! 😛

    • @Shaili: Come on, if you love it wear it 🙂 Delhi is such a fashionable place…surely people won’t stare.

      • The less expensive ones have a wider brigde, or appear to in the photo/s – thus they look more relaxed and a bit less pinched than the expensive pair. However, the expensive ones don’t have that thin band of metal showing at the corners which makes them look more sleek and seamless. I’ve always felt tortoise glasses make one look smarter, so, in the end, after a try on of both of course, I would probably choose the tortoise, as I am always attempting to look as smart as possible. I think the inexpensive ones are more versatile, and the expensive ones are more sporty. So, I say: save 🙂

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