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I have always been ambivalent about Facebook and have never used it for anything more than commenting on friends’ status and photos.

I have seen other bloggers use Facebook very efficiently to promote their blogs, and have been thinking that I need a Facebook page just for this blog alone. The idea is to promote blog posts among other book-obsessed people without cluttering/spamming the timelines of my personal friends who aren’t all that interested in books.

So, my new Facebook page is There’s nothing much on it yet. To be honest, I am just feeling my way tentatively through this space while I decide what’s going to be on there. I am probably going to link up to other book-related Facebook spaces first and then take it from there.

Do you have Facebook pages for your blog? How do you use them? Do share links in your comments. I would love to see some examples of good Facebook/blog/twitter integration. I really want to avoid my FB page turning out just be a list of links to my blog.

Also, if you have some tips n tricks to fine-tune the page appearance and settings, do let me know, I am a total zero when it comes to Facebook.

  • I have not connected any of my blogs to my Face Book account, b/c I do not like some of the apps and other assorted things that get connected with social media. I mostly use my Face Book to help stay in touch with my family 🙂

    • @Danice: You’ve got a point there, honestly. I didn’t think of all those arbid games and stuff

  • I created a facebook page for my blog some time ago. Here it is:
    I do get a lot of page views because of this page but the hard part is maintaining the page regularly and posting content that will click with the audience. My day job takes so much of my time that when I post content on the page, there is nobody online and with so much clutter on people’s timelines, my post gets lost somewhere. It’s not easy to get people to share content and the only way to get a following for the page is to get them to interact with the page.

    • @Shaili: I just took a quick peek at your Facebook page and it’s pretty great. I love how you have used it to post bookish news that is not otherwise available on the blog.

      And I saw you got The Cuckoo’s Calling :). That’s great. Was it a review copy? Lucky girl 🙂 Looking forward to your review

  • I have a recent Facebook page but I haven’t done much with it because I am hugely ambivalent about it. You’ll have to update us on how having a FB page goes for you.

    • @Jenny: I will. I pinged a few people about the need for an FB page, and the general consensus was just to encourage blog following. Not everyone uses Twitter and so this is just an alternate way for people to follow your blog.

      Personally, I have never used Facebook to follow any blog updates, but I guess there are people who do?

  • I have a personal Facebook page not for my blog.

    Silver’s Reviews
    My Blog

  • I have stayed away from Facebook after the initial trial run! I don’t even have an account for personal stuff 🙂 but as far as book blog promotion goes, I guess its a great way to go!

    • @Shweta: I have a personal FB account, as it’s great to see what’s happening with personal (in real life) friends. I prefer twitter for following virtual/blog friends/public personalities. I use a blog reader to catch up on blogs.

      Don’t really know if FB is going to make that big a difference in promoting a blog, honestly.

  • I’ve never created a facebook for my blog(s) and I don’t think I ever will. For one, it’s just one too many things to do. 😛

    • @Laavanya: Creating a page is easy, it’s the maintaining that’s the hard part 🙂

      • Lol yes. Actually, true that!

  • Omg! this is just too much of a coincidence.. I just made my facebook page yesterday and yes, I am just as confused about its efficacy quite apart from the problem of trying to link it with my blog. But lets soldier on 🙂

    • @Malvika: You know that old saying about great minds thinking alike and all that…pat on our back for the two of us. If nothing else, we”ll follow each other’s FB pages faithfully 🙂

      • lols!! I did think about the ‘great minds…’ quote but then thought maybe it would appear a bit too much… 😉 thanks for relieving my mind on that quarter. Yay for us 🙂

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