Miracle Cure?


I usually dread this time of the year. From about July onwards till mid-January is the snubnose’s allergy season.

It starts with mild sniffles and a dry cough, and perseveres on an annoying level for almost six months with some flare-ups in between accompanied by fever and vomiting.

The doctor gives the generic viral infection diagnosis and trots out various combinations of medicines each year, with the hope that snubnose will eventually grow out of it.

This year, as predicted snubnose started coughing and sniffling, and I was all set to start the usual round of meds, when something caught my eye at the chemists…a bottle of Himalaya Tulasi offering relief from cough and cold.

Himalaya Tulasi

Himalaya Tulasi

I questioned the chemist closely and he mentioned that several moms have used it and said that their children benefited from it. And that this preparation contains only tulasi (basil) herbs in a capsule form.

On an impulse, I bought it and have been giving it to the snubnose for the past 2 weeks and have stopped her regular medicines.

And though she still has a mild persistent cough, her blocked nose is gone, and her cough has yet to get into the hacking and throwing up stage.

I called up the doctor to reconfirm that takes this should be safe, and while she didn’t completely endorse it, she did say that Himalaya was a known brand and there shouldn’t be any issue.

So for now, I am going the tulasi route. I have a tulasi plant at home, but getting the snubnose to chew on the leaves and swallow it would provoke huge tantrums, and coughing, and tearing up, and so for now tulasi capsules it is.

Has anyone tried this remedy? As per the chemist, it’s flying off the shelves, so it must be popular.

I would love to hear some experiences about this product.

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  • I would not mind trying it 🙂

    • @Ava: If you try it, let me know. I am trying to convince my hubby (another allergy sufferer) that this tablet is for adults too.

  • Never tried it, but I’m going to add it to my cabinet now, thanks! 🙂 Good luck with your darling Snubnose.

    • @Book Blather: I just had to share. After all this is allergy season here, and there are plenty of sufferers 🙂

      If you do try it, let me know how/if it works for you

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