Wordless Wednesdays: A Bowl to Store Stuff


I swear as long as the snubnose stays interested in arts and craft, I don’t have to fret about home decor. She’s been working on a bowl for almost three weeks now, and finally finished with it today.

The colors came out a bit too orangish in the photo below…

The colors came out too vivid in the photo. It's really prettier in real life

The colors came out too vivid in the photo. It’s really prettier in real life

Click on the photo below for a 3-D look at it with a better approximation of the pinkish-orangish tones she has used…

We have decided to use it to store odd pairs of socks until we find a match. Not a glamorous use I confess, but the bowl is too open and too big for jewelry and too delicate for any of Piglet’s stuff.

So for now, socks it is. Unless you can suggest another use for it. In the comments.

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  • wow! very creative….. love the burst of colours. 🙂

  • Looks lovely!

  • What a beautiful treasure that is!

  • Colorful it is!! Use it for something else not socks..

    • @Manjulika: Yeah, even my daughter had the same opinion so instead she’s put all her random color pencils and sketch pens there. The bowl is quite big though, and if it were not for the paper, I would have loved to store fruits on the dining table 🙂

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