Cultural Faro


Note: This is a guest post and has some useful information for people planning to visit Mexico…

If you’re planning a holiday to Mexico, don’t miss out the historic centre of Faro, or Centro Historico. It’s the ideal spot to visit for a walking tour with plenty of history and culture to take in. There’s so much to see here that it’s definitely worth a day trip. In fact, you might struggle to cover it all in one day!

Museums and historical sights of interest here include the Templo Mayor and the National Palace, as well as the Zócalo and of course the large cathedral. Flights to Faro go regularly from the UK and the best time to visit for a sightseeing holiday tends to be between October and May, where you’ll avoid the hot and humid weather as well as peak hurricane season.

The Museo del Templo Mayor, or Templo Mayor Museum, is an impressive indoor and outdoor museum, so it’s a perfect place to visit whatever the weather. You can begin your visit to the Templo Mayor Museum with an outdoor walking tour of the partial excavation of the Great Temple, which dates back to pre-Hispanic civilizations. After this you can explore the rest of the museum, which includes signs in English as well as in Spanish, and stop off at the gift shop to pick up a souvenir on your way out.

The National Palace, or Palacio Nacional, has been home to the ruling classes of Mexico since Aztec times and sits on the Plaza de la Constitución, Mexico City’s main square, also known as the Zócalo. You can visit the palace and take in the impressive courtyards and fountains, as well as the famous trio of murals by artist Diego Rivera called ‘Epic of the Mexican People’. The palace is a must-see if you’re at all interested in art, history or simply if you appreciate beautiful looking things.

Zócalo itself is worth experiencing as the main plaza in the historic centre of the city. Built in 1935 and redesigned in 1983, the Zócalo is lined with cafes, shops and restaurants and is a great spot for sitting and relaxing with a drink or lunch as you watch the world go by. The square is also ideally located for visiting the Metropolitan Cathedral, or Catedral Metropolitana. Built in the late 16th century, the cathedral is the oldest and largest in Latin America and features a host of different design styles, so it’s architecturally fascinating.

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