In Love with A Beautiful Mess


There’s this new app that I am absolutely obsessed with and thought I’d share it on my blog. It’s called A Beautiful Mess, and it’s absolutely genius for editing photos on the fly.

Here are some fun photo-editing options that I played around with:

Fun Arrows and Borders

Fun Arrows and Borders

Cute Text Options

Cute Text Options

There are other apps I love too – Pixlr Express among them, but A Beautiful Mess really scores for its simplicity and ease of use. Plus there aren’t too many options to confuse photo-editing novices.

And, it’s cheap. Rs.55 for download on Apple iTunes, and plus a little extra for additional borders, fonts, or doodles.

I think that’s a great deal!

Do you use editing tools to brighten up your photos? Which ones do you use?

2 Responses
  • readybyjenni
    June 16, 2013

    I use textcutie, it’s free and has lots of customization options. Also instantfx , also free, it has really nice filters. Check out my instagram, librumvermis, for examples.

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