Piglet’s Literary Journey So Far


I’m pretty excited to see that the piglet seems to show signs of loving his books.

His introduction to books and story-telling happened when he turned 3 months old. He loved it when I opened picture books and read out to him. He even started showing his preferences. He didn’t like (and still doesn’t like) single picture on a page books. He loves the sing-song of a longish narrative.

Enter books like The Little Mermaid and the Spot series.

Here’s a photo of the snubnose reading to piglet when he was around 4 months or so. He was so engrossed with Spot, he still loves these books…

Snubnose reads "Spot" to the Piglet

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He even skims through big people books trying to imitate me…

#baby piglet contemplates #guiltywives by #jamespatterson #bookstagram

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Magazines as well. Caught the piglet browsing through Grazia yesterday 🙂

Pouring over the latest in accessories in #grazia magazine

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Piglet at 13 months picking, choosing, and reading his own books…

Reading up on his colors

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He’s also already developed his first literary crush. The focus of his adoration is a little pink mouse that dances ballet. Angelina Ballerina…he loves her so much that every night before going to bed, he absolutely has to listen to the story, some of the songs, in between peppering the iPad with his kisses when she comes on-screen. Couple of times, he has even stepped onto the iPad trying to go through the screen to be with her 🙂

Angelina Ballerina -  Dancing Mouse

Angelina Ballerina – Dancing Mouse

Sometimes, he tries to be her. Unfortunately, the photos of him twirling were too blurry to post 🙁 …

Rocking his sister's #ballet skirt

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We’ve tried to get videos of him engrossed in books, but the moment we start filming, he gets distracted to run and catch the camera. Sigh!

So, you are wondering what is the point of this post? There’s no point really. Just felt that it’s been a long time since I posted about piglet and realized it’s because it’s pretty near impossible to capture all the things he does.

And there’s no point trying to get the perfect photo/video before waiting to blog about him. It’s not going to happen and so…that’s why you get this half-baked post with a bunch of blurry photos.

Sorry for this, but I just had to, had to post about him and Angelina Ballerina. How could I not??? His first literary crush!!!

So, what was your first bookish crush?

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  • Awwwwwww. Piglet could not be any cuter. Except if you’d been able to capture him twirling — what a cutie-pie!

    • @Jenny: I wish I could have too. I use my dinky iPhone camera for most of my pics, and most action shots come out unintentionally blurry.

      I envy all those bloggers who are able to whip out a fancy camera in time to capture shots of their family. I don’t know how they do it :).

  • What a cutie! I think my first literary crush might have been Snoopy.

    • @Carol: Awww, yes, I remember Snoopy. So cute 🙂

  • What an adorable boy! I love the picture of your kids reading together — awwww.

    • @Jenny: Thanks. That’s my fave pic too. They read a lot together but somehow I haven’t been able to capture it on camera so well on any other occasion.

  • Aww he is a cutie. It is always nice when you can share your passion with your children and you see them pick up on it.

    • @Ciska: I hope this interest lasts though :).

  • awww! Just too cute! You know I read most of your posts but do not comment, but this post is too sweet to not comment 🙂 I love the 1st pic and all the pics there after 🙂 I hope his sister and he keep reading #love!

    • @Veens: aww. thanks 🙂

  • A bookworm is born! I love that your daughter reads to him!

    • @Kathy: Yeah, I too love that she likes to read to him. On her own, she’s not that much of a reader, but reading to him? that she loves 🙂

  • Awww, how adorable! His first literary crush! So great that he’s taken so strongly to books. 🙂

  • debbierodgers

    What a gift you’ve given him – this love of reading!

    • @Debbie: Thanks. Can’t say I have really given him anything. He just took to it 🙂

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