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This year, the snubnose and her classmates have started doing projects: in-depth investigations into a single topic and then having to write about it. Most of these in-depth investigations and write ups are a lot of hooey, but there was one project that was super-impressive.

This was a project on materials – all types of materials from silk, to cotton, to gold, and clay. Each student was given one material to research on. Then they had to get together in a group and write a compiled book with all their findings.

This is what they came up with…

These photos don’t do justice to the awesomeness of the book. The cover of the book was lovely – a collage with different materials glued on. Their teacher wrote out a brief introduction to the book and then the kids took over. With some basic guidelines about page layout in hand, they created a setup where each child was given a page to write about the material of their choice. The snubnose’s choice of material was clay and I loved how she went about researching – basically asking me to google about clay haha :D. Anyway, once she had all her facts in hand, it was pretty straightforward to write a page about clay.

But what really impressed me in the end was how they compiled an index, a TOC, and a glossary. So much of work and effort and yes, teamwork went into it. All us parents were in awe at the final product :).

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  • That’s amazing! I’d never have been able to make anything that awesome when I was a little girl, even in a group. The colors are amazing, and I seriously love the index. And also, lodestone? That’s insane. I didn’t know what a lodestone was when I was a kid, and I still sort of don’t. I just googled it and I still don’t feel confident I know what it is.

    • @Jenny: Kids these days are much smarter I guess. I never did any of those things in school either.

  • The book looks so pretty. Reminds me of my school days and projects like these that we did 🙂

  • It looks so beautiful and vibrant !

    • @The Glass Bangle and @Avada Kedavra: Thanks 🙂

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