Snubnose Experiences her First Sleepover


Tonight, snubnose gets to experience her very first sleepover. Her school is having an astronomy session – a night under the stars bundled in a sleeping bag and armed with a telescope. There will be a stargazing session and some discussions on the moon’s waxing and waning. Adding in story time and snacks, I just know that everyone is going to have a blast.

Needless to say, the snubnose is super-excited, and so am I, to be honest. We spent last evening packing up her bag. She selected her favorite Minnie Mouse bag, decided on her favorite pajamas, and her trusty Panda sweatshirt before rounding it off with a fish pillow and a huggie doll. In some ways, she’s all grown up, but in some ways, she’s still such a baby 🙂

All packed and ready to go

All packed and ready to go

In fact, she was so excited last night, she had trouble falling asleep. Anyway, today she doesn’t have regular school. Around 4pm, we drop her off at school and pick her up tomorrow morning.

I have a feeling this is just going to be the start of a number of sleepovers.

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  • Aw! I hope she has a wonderful time! I was never such a fan of sleepovers and still am not, but I remember how crazy exciting it was when I was finally old enough to go to them. :p

    • @Jenny: I am not very fond of sleepovers either, even as a kid, I didn’t much care for them. I think snubnose may be the same as well. She enjoyed herself but I think she was relieved when I was first in through the gate to collect her in the morning. I think snubnose and I don’t do well in enforced sociability for more than a few hours 🙂

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