Mother-in-law Health Update


I am so touched by everyone’s response when I blogged last week about my MIL’s struggles in the hospital. I was really down in the dumps, and it showed in my post. I read through it again today and I am shocked at my overall pessimism and negativity. I am normally very stiff upper lip during bad times, and usually never talk about (even to friends), let alone post about difficult, personal stuff on a public blog. Thank you so much for all the encouraging comments, it really helped for us to read through them.

Now, I am glad to say that things are looking better after all. After almost a month of seesawing health, she is finally stable enough to be moved from the CCU (Critical Care Unit) to the ward. We are leaving work early today to go and oversee the move and make sure she is comfortable enough.

She’s now up and able to sit, she’s been off the ventilator for the past 48 hours, and is even able to swallow a bit of solid food. She is still extremely weak though, she needs some oxygen support off and on, and daily dialysis continues, but still it’s been a remarkable improvement considering how serious her condition was just last week.

I am so happy and grateful that we were able to get through this. It’s still a long journey ahead and a full recovery still seems uncertain, but right now…we are just happy that she managed to fight it out, and remain hopeful that she will continue to improve in the next few weeks.

Thanks again for all the prayers and hugs. They worked!

  • That is great news, Nishita! I’ve been thinking about you… and I am so glad to hear that your dear mother in law is no longer in a critical condition. Here’s to her recovering steadily and returning home 🙂

  • That’s indeed very encouraging!

  • Wonderful news!

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