PressReader – An iPad App Review

PressReader app

PressReader app

PressReader is an app that provides a gateway to read newspapers from multiple publications across the world. It has options to download and read over 2100 newspapers. Wow!

I hadn’t heard of this awesome app until the folks at PressReader offered me a trial subscription, and I have been hooked on it since then.

I downloaded and used the PressReader iPad app for this review. But, it is available on all IOS and Android devices, and Blackberry as well.

The app is a free download. Once you download it, there are multiple subscription offers that you can take up depending on your usage requirements.

Here’s a screen capture from the PressReader blog. Do visit their blog for more details about their subscription plans and other information on the app.

PressReader Subscription Options

PressReader Subscription Options

I don’t have much time to read newspapers during the workdays, but the weekend is another matter entirely and I’m sure there are many like me. I think $.99 per download is just about fine if I get to read the hefty Sunday editions from some of my favorite newspapers from around the world. My father who is a more serious newspaper reader would definitely find the $29.99 option of interest.

The $.99 pricing is especially reasonable for me because living in India, hard-copy newspapers such as The Guardian or The Independent are hard to find; most copies that I see on the stands are rained on, torn, outdated, and they are still prohibitively expensive. Reading online copies still feels like work, and I also don’t quite love the digital display of most online newspapers.

So how does this app work for those readers like me who love to get a feel of an actual newspaper? I found the display of the newspapers through PressReader very comfortable and enjoyable to read. The app really combines the best of the paper option with the best digital reading experience.

Here’s how:

  • The look and feel of the newspapers is like an actual publication. The download doesn’t take very long, and then you just flip through the pages.
  • PressReader has a great audio option. Great for those multi-tasking times. I can now feed the baby and listen to the news. I can improve my french pronunciation while simultaneously reading a newspaper from France. Love!
  • I am a hard-core newspaper clipper. I cut out favorite newspaper articles all the time and keep for future reference. PressReader offers a virtual option for it too. With a single click, I can save newspaper articles to Evernote or Instapaper. I am beyond thrilled :D.

    My husband is also kicked. This means less paper clutter in our house, and if you consider the larger environmental impact, less paper in general is a great thing.

In short, the PressReader app is a great experience, and I highly recommend it for newspaper lovers who are exploring digital reading options. Since the app download is free, you do get to see what publications they offer before you pony up the money.

If what I have written is not enough to convince you to try this app, I leave this review with a few screenshots showing the PressReader display on the iPad

Awesome print-like display

Awesome print-like display

Great clipping and sharing options

Great clipping and sharing options

Note: The above screen captures were taken on the first version of iPad. I am sure the later versions with their awesome retina display will better highlight PressReader’s great display.

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