Online Shopping at J Crew and a Hot Little Tip for Global Shopaholics


July 31 was my birthday and I was scrambling around for a last-minute present for the snubnose. Yes, you read that right. Ever since the snubnose (and now the piglet) came into my life, I like to celebrate my birthday by giving them a surprise gift.

This year, I was all sorted with the piglet. I got him an awesome rocking horse. But I was left stranded with snubnose. She’s now at the awkward age (6 years old) where I really struggle for toys/games that I approve of and which I know she will enjoy. The snubnose’s hints about Barbie and cooking toys were not for me. My tentative hints of books or e-books were not okay with her. Finally, I was left with getting her new clothes and shoes – something she’s badly in need of anyway considering her recent growth spurt.

The only snag was finding the time to go to the shops and find something nice for her. Online shopping, it would have to be.

In the last year or so, many of the fashion bloggers I follow have raved about J Crew stuff. I was like hmmm….I remembered it as the boring preppy style shop that stocked tons of pull-overs.

And then, I finally went to their site and browsed to see the prettiest candy pinks and sweet girly styles. Wow, they have really upped their merchandise. Hmmm, but the prices are too high especially for people living in India. So, I wander on to their Sale section, hmmm…the prices are not bad here. If you are okay with Zara/Mango/M&S prices, then the J Crew sale has some nice stuff.

But wait, shipping to India is Rs. 1500/-, that negates any kind of sale deal. And then, then…I see an orange ticker saying

Hello World, become an insider and enjoy free expedited and duty-free shopping

OMG!!! I signed up, immediately picked out something sparkly and shiny for the snubnose, and checked out before I could change my mind.

Within the next 2 days, I see the box at my door couriered through DHL. This is seriously pain-free shopping! No shipping, no duty! And packaged so beautifully, half the thrill for the snubnose was opening her package and finding her surprise.

Here are some photos showing the sequence of events 🙂

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There was a satisfactory I love you mommy moment of hug and kisses, which of course I have not captured. Let’s just say that it made my day 🙂

So, back to the topic of J Crew and online shopping, I highly recommend it. The shopping experience is great, the process is super-smooth and easy especially for a newbie like me. And the global insider offer just rocks!!! I don’t know for how long they have this offer, so go and sign up now!!!

Do you do a lot of online shopping? What do you buy? And where? Do share your experiences. I would love to know.

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