My 2011 Blogging Report and Happy New Year to All

by has very kindly sent a blog report summary this year to all users of its platform. I found it interesting enough to post the report here and acknowledge the great readers of this blog for the support and kind words that inspire me to keep going even during some hectic personal times. I have summarized the report and my thoughts in this blog post. If you want to click here to see the complete report.

First of, I need to acknowledge the top commentators this year:

  • Jenny
  • Veens
  • Priya Iyer who is sadly not blogging any more. Priya, if you are reading this, I really miss your blog. Please come back!
  • Laav
  • Smita

Of course, I also have to thank the many quiet readers on this blog. I appreciate you all just the same :).

I also need to give a special thanks to for featuring my blog on their Themes page and Judith for hosting the Literary Giveaway bloghop and sending over so many new visitors to my blog.

The latter part of 2011 was a little blah in terms of blogging. I have never been a very proliferate blogger but 2011 was pretty sad even by my standards. Only 99 posts! Pregnancy, childbirth, and now severe sleep deprivation have left me too drained to even pick up a remotely complex book. I have ended up sticking to gothic romances, and run of the mill thrillers, none of which inspire me to blog about it :(. Things are starting to follow a routine now, and so hopefully I will be able to read one or two interesting books that I have waiting on my shelf.

Another nice thing about my 2011 blogging year is the upgrade of my Google page rank. For the past 2 years, it has been a steady page rank 3. This year because of the increased user activity and back links, it has been upgraded to 4 and it’s something I am outwardly rather blase about to my friends, but inwardly, I am super thrilled :D.

So, that’s my thoughts on blogging in 2011.

How was your 2011? Are you happy about your blogging life last year?

I also hope all of you had a great Christmas and New Year and wish you a very happy and prosperous 2012!

Wish you all a very happy and prosperous 2012

Wish you all a very happy and prosperous 2012

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  • Congratulations to you Nishita on the nice report.

    My blogging has slowed down and hopefully will pick up speed in time.

    Best wishes

  • Nishant

    There is a breezy and precise character to the way you use words. Usually writers are only breezy or highly precise/functional. Good to read your blogs.

  • Prince

    Thanks and I wish you too a very happy new year 2012.

  • Congrats on Hemanshu 🙂 Have a nice and exciting 2012 !

  • wow:) 2011 has been pretty busy for you!!! and, congrats for the page rank and this is really interesting that word press sends an annual report.

  • I think having a baby is enough effort – no need to worry about blogging! 😉

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