Kobe Sizzlers and a Spoonful of Sugar


Yesterday was my last working from office day so we all had a small send-off kind of lunch.

Our original intent was to try Vietnamese food at Phobidden Fruit, something none of us had tried before. However, we chickened out at the last minute (we are all strict vegetarians) and were unsure about the amount of choice we would have.

On an impulse, we saw a signpost for Kobe Sizzlers and immediately decided to give it a try. Situated on the quieter side of CMH Road in Indra Nagar, Kobe Sizzlers has a very nondescript, almost vanilla appearance. The interiors are also pretty plain. But, the food? It’s pretty yumm.

All of us opted for sizzlers with some minor variations. Mine was a standard vegetable sizzler that I customized with pepper sauce and noodles. Another one we ordered was the Chef’s specialty – a Paneer sizzler.

All the sizzlers were delicious and extremely filling.

A photo of the veg sizzler -  Photo taken from the Kobe website

A photo of the veg sizzler - Photo taken from the Kobe website

Don’t be fooled by the above photo. In this case, the actual sizzlers looked far more delicious and substantial. I probably ate an entire day’s worth of calories in that single meal :). But, the taste is totally worth it and I am already planning on bringing my family here when they next come to visit.

After that humongous meal, I was all set to go back to work, but the sweet-toothed friend amongst us insisted that she must have dessert. So, then off we went to try A Spoonful of Sugar – a bakery that also serves some basic small eats.

Located in a small side-street in Indra Nagar behind Nilgiri’s Department store, this place is very easy to miss. You have to go specifically looking for it to spot it. I guess that’s a good thing too, because it’s really teeny, probably can seat only 3-4 tables at a max.

Their menu is extensive, but they seem to make only limited quantities of stuff.

Some of the stuff on display at Spoonful of Sugar

Some of the stuff on display at Spoonful of Sugar

We ordered a tiramisu and a chocolate walnut cake and shared it amongst us. The tiramisu was mind-blowing, really light, fresh and fluffy. It just melted in the mouth. The chocolate walnut cake was good too, but a little heavy for my taste, especially after coming out of a super-heavy meal. Altogether, it was an extremely satisfying experience, and I highly recommend both Kobe and Spoonful of Sugar.

Warning, the prices in both places were higher than I expected. Not many people would appreciate spending Rs.150 on a tiramisu or Rs.350 and above on a sizzler, but for me the taste was absolutely worth it. I rarely eat outside and on the few occasions that I do, it makes sense to pay a little extra for good quality.

3 Responses
  • Casey
    November 30, 2011

    Hey! I am using the exact same template 🙂 I went to Kobe @ I’nagar two weeks ago on a saturday (3 pm ish) but did not really enjoy the sizzler. The Arien also found the non-veg not so great 🙁 I felt we ought to give the place a second chance. Mainly because we went @ closing time. I had tried Kobe @ Garuda and enjoyed it. Fingers crossed for the next visit.

    • Nish
      December 1, 2011

      @Casey: That template looks lovely on your blog and suits it also very well 🙂

      I guess we hit lucky with Kobe. That day, the food was good, but have to say it was heavy and hard to digest later.

  • cynicallyengineered
    November 25, 2011

    THAT is some EVIL stuff, Nish! 😀 😀

    If that tastes as good as it looks, I wouldn’t mind shelling out lots of money for it at all.

    Delhi has a lot of nice eating places, but it somehow lacks that authentic corner-cafe culture. Bangalore’s much closer to the real thing and I had a really great time checking that out on my last trip there. Great city for foodies.

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