Month: November 2011

A photo of the veg sizzler - Photo taken from the Kobe website

Kobe Sizzlers and a Spoonful of Sugar

Yesterday was my last working from office day so we all had a small send-off kind of lunch. Our original intent was to try Vietnamese food at Phobidden Fruit, something none of us had tried before. However, we chickened out at the last minute (we are all strict vegetarians) and were unsure about the amount of choice we would have. On an impulse, we saw a signpost for Kobe Sizzlers and immediately decided to give it a try. Situated on the quieter side of CMH Road in Indra Nagar, Kobe Sizzlers has a very nondescript, almost vanilla appearance. The interiors are also pretty plain. But, the food? It’s pretty yumm. All of us opted for sizzlers with some minor variations. Mine was a standard vegetable sizzler that I customized with pepper sauce and noodles. Another one we ordered was the Chef’s specialty – a Paneer sizzler. All the sizzlers were delicious and extremely filling. Don’t be fooled by the above photo. In this case, the actual sizzlers looked far more delicious and substantial. I probably …

A Personal Update

I have been a bit distracted lately and haven’t been focusing on books, blogs, or anything online really. Why? Well, there is no subtle way of letting out this news. We are expecting a new addition to our family in December. It’s been very difficult keeping very quiet with this news all this time, but there were plenty of ups and downs in my pregnancy journey that it just seemed wiser to keep it quiet until things settle down. I first found out the good news when I got my blood tested for a nasty bout of flu sometime in March, and my life has simply been a roller-coaster ride since then. Where did the time go? First thing I did when I found out was immediately go online and look up the Chinese Birth Calendar, which is supposed to provide accurate gender predictions. It’s a boy!! and chances are the calendar is at least 50% correct ;). Also, 2011 is the year of the metal rabbit (Chinese astrology), and this is what metal rabbits …

The Tulleeho Book of Cocktails

The Tulleeho Book of Cocktails – A Book Review

I have never reviewed non-fiction on my blog. Doesn’t mean I don’t read them though. I do peruse recipe/fitness/technology/child-rearing related non-fiction, but I don’t read them from cover to cover, which is why I feel uncomfortable recommending or dissing non-fiction. How can I comment when I haven’t really read for pleasure, only for knowledge, and that too specific bits of information? I didn’t have a problem reviewing this book however – The Tulleeho Book of Cocktails by Tulleeho Inc. is a pretty awesome book that I devoured from page 1 to the end. Why this sudden interest in cocktails? I don’t even drink all that much. However, my husband is quite the drink connoisseur and I have always fantasized about whipping up fancy stuff to entertain him and his friends…the only problem is that I am a novice and never knew where to start. This book came in pretty handy for me. It starts off with a brief introduction explaining the different types of alcohols (rums, vodkas, whiskeys), the type of equipment required (different types …

Are you Excited About The Hobbit?

Are you Excited About The Hobbit?

I know I am…I loved the Lord of the Rings trilogy and I can’t wait for Hollywood director Peter Jackson’s adaptation of The Hobbit. The Hobbit is the lesser known but still really good prequel to The Lord of the Rings, and it was the first and still most favorite Fantasy book I read. So, when I saw these youtube videos of Peter Jackson’s diaries, I loved them and had to share them with you all. I am so going to be following his video updates until the movie comes out end of next year. What about you? Are you interested in The Hobbit, or are you done with the series?