Obama’s Book Club

Books Obama has read during his presidency

Books Obama has read during his presidency

Image taken from The Daily Beast

Interesting selection, isn’t it? The Ronald Reagan biography is especially surprising.

Also surprising are some of the nasty comments on that post – “I was elected to lead, not to read“. How come a President who reads is such a bad thing?

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  • “I was elected to lead, not to read“.. there are lots of reasons behind that comment !!! A good reader certainly doesn’t makes you a successful president !!!

    • @Sumana: That’s true, and yes, there are many people unhappy with Obama’s presidency, but still it seemed very random to relate that with his reading habit – especially considering that quite a few of the books listed there were related to his job

  • Good variety there. I find it very appropriate that he has two books on FDR. Though several could be work related reads for him

  • Yay, I love it that he reads, and I particularly love it that he chooses such interesting, cool books.

  • I love that he reads. I think he’s an intelligent, thoughtful person. Love this article. The graphic is great, too.

  • Good selection! I think it’s great he reads – it’s not a lot, but still, he doesn’t get much free time I’m sure.

    What’s bad about a president who reads? He’s supposed to spend 24/7/365 thinking about his country. Yeah, well! Give the man some time off every now and then, I’d say!

    • @LeeSwammes: I know, it’s not a lot, but I am guessing this is not a comprehensive list either…

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