True Blue – A Book Review

True Blue by David Baldacci

True Blue by David Baldacci

It’s been ages since I read a Baldacci thriller. He made a promising debut with Absolute Power, which I loved, but a couple of his later books didn’t really click with me, and I have pretty much given up on him.

But, of course, if I am running low on books to read, anything will do, and honestly True Blue was decent enough to fill up a few boring hours waiting at the doctor’s office. Not decent enough though to negate some of the really awful plot holes, and terrible dialogues.

Book Synopsis:

The story is about 2 sisters – Beth Perry – Chief of Police, and Mace – ex-cop and ex-con who has just finished doing time in prison and is out to prove that she was wrongly framed in the crime she was imprisoned for. A murder of 2 prominent lawyers immediately involve both the sisters, and Mace’s love interest into solving the crime.

What starts out as a simple murder story turns out to be an international case involving spies and terrorists. After a lot of extremely lucky breaks and amazingly bungling assassination attempts by the bad guys, the trio manage to solve the crime.

My Review:

This book was just about okay. Personally, I dislike thrillers with a political/espionage slant. Mostly, because very few are well-written or credible. The plot for this one was flat-out unbelievable. You really have to suspend any sense of reality at all to enjoy it.

I was also quite disappointed by the characters. Beth Perry who is supposed to be a pillar of integrity lets her sister run wild all over a murder case that she is not supposed to touch. And then she is actually upset when the DA accuses her of showing partiality to her sister. Well, duh! What do you expect?

Mace Perry is even more annoying than her sister. She deliberately courts danger, and stupidly puts herself and the people who love her into sticky situations. Her ambition to solve the case overrode any professional embarrassments her sister was facing, or physical dangers her boyfriend was facing. I thought she was one of the most selfish characters in the book.

That said, the book was easy to read, and moved fast enough. The plot is holey, and it’s pretty easy to guess who are the bad guys in the book. But if you are looking for some light reading without having to give too much thought to the subject matter, then well, it’s a book you can pick up.

But personally, this book just did not work for me. I now officially classify David Baldacci into the James Patterson camp of writers – which is NOT a good thing in my book.

6 Responses
  • Casey
    August 2, 2011

    What a co-incidence! I read Baldacci for the first time last month – and here you are reviewing some other book of his. The Winner was ok but I am unable to get moving on the other book – yes, it is supposedly a political thriller and the few pages I read were quite (yawn!) boring.

  • Veens
    August 2, 2011

    OMG! I am so embarrassed to admit that i have not read a single book by this author. Is there any other good book you recommend?

  • bhargavi
    July 29, 2011

    I don’t think I have read any Baldacci book before.Not sure i’ll pick up a book in the near future either.Thanks for the headsup!

  • Sumana
    July 27, 2011

    I have Baldacci’s ” The Sixth Man” sitting in my shelf for a month now, now I am not sure if I want to read it all ..I mean James Patterson camo doesn’t appeal to me either !!

    • Nish
      July 28, 2011

      @Sumana: My advice: let it sit on the shelf 🙂

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