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Four years ago, I moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress and have never looked back. My reasons for the move were:

  • Ability to use tags and categories to label my posts, instead of just using labels.
  • The Misty look theme, which I loved, and still have a soft corner for.
  • Akismet spam blocker

I definitely did not move for the writing/usability experience. Most people I know who have moved from Blogger to WordPress find the dashboard slow, clunky and user-unfriendly. The editor window was no great shakes. But all that’s changed now. The new WordPress dashboard is super-fast, and best of all the distraction free writing is awesome.

Normally, I run out of steam at around 500 words or so…probably because the older editing window was so cluttered. But with this new window, I just banged out an 800+ word post as easy as pie. Maybe there is something to this distraction free writing after all.

Whether me churning out 800 + word long posts is good or bad…well, you be the judge of that 😀

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  • This is really good feature for content writers like me.I found it very useful.

  • I am using wordprees till 2 months back.I was comfortable using it as it is very simple.Drupal is good for big companies while wordpress is a great gift for people like us.

  • Glad you’re so excited! My first thought was, how everything always has to change and not even the stupid wp dashboard can remain a fixed constant in my life ;P

  • Just a week ago I was contemplating shifting to WordPress. I search for tips on the net, and it scared me. Too many tinkering with links, RSS feeds, etc, involved. I still want to jump to WordPress. It’s like learning to swim for the first time.

  • Wonderful post, Nish! Yay to WordPress! I love Blogger too, though I haven’t really blogged there. My favourite once upon a time was Vox, because one could easily make friends there, but unfortunately, it closed down last year.

  • I am using drupal till 2 months back.I was never comfortable using it as it is very confusing.Two months back i made a switch to wordpress and it was very pleasant experience.Drupal is good for big companies while wordpress is a great gift for people like us.

    • @seema: Oh, I agree. It’s just so easy to get up and running with WordPress. Even Blogger too, I have to admit is pretty user-friendly although amateurish

  • I was on Blogger for three years, and WordPress for one before switching back. I liked WordPress for the beautiful templates, for the spam block, for the way that if anyone ever linked to you it was there in your dashboard to see. There were lots of good things about WordPress, I guess I just felt more comfortable at Blogger since that was what I began with. So glad to have you comment on my blog today; I’ve missed you! I think with my switch I lost a few readers…

    • @Belezza: Oh, you never lost me. I did keep reading your blog. The problem is that to comment, I need to actually be signed into to use my OpenID, which is why I end up not commenting on so many blogger blogs :(, otherwise you’d just get an anonymous comment, which I feel rather awkward about. I will try to comment more though.

  • Welcome!

  • Btw – the new theme looks uber cool 🙂

    • @vyankatesh: Thanks 🙂

  • Interesting.

    The concept of tags and labels is very useful.

    I’m continuing with blogger – bu using tags as labels.

    • @vyankatesh: Yes, somehow that was what made me move to WordPress. I blog about a variety of things, and it annoyed me immensely that I couldn’t categorize the content. I think it’s the technical writer in me, I like structure 🙂 . But Blogger is immensely popular too, and has its share of loyalists.

  • For some reason, I saw many people moving to WordPress from Blogspot but the only reason why I did not even consider doing that was because WordPress was blocked in my office and Blogger was not 🙂

  • I way prefer WordPress, but the slow editor window was killing me when I still had my old computer. I nearly switched to Blogger — if my lovely mum hadn’t gotten me a new laptop, I’d have definitely switched.

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