The Egg Factory – Nice Break from the Usual

The Egg Factory

The Egg Factory

We normally never venture beyond our usual Indra Nagar eating haunts. Why should we? When our neighborhood is so rich in diverse restaurants, it just doesn’t seem worth it to brave the traffic and try anything in the city.

But, that is just what we did last week meeting friends for lunch at The Egg Factory – a quiet and cool restaurant located just off the busy St.Mark’s Road. Like the name suggests, eggs are a major theme in this restaurant with practically every food item containing eggs. So, yeah, if you are not fond of eggs, don’t even venture here :).

The place is pretty nondescript – it looks just like your regular college/office cafeteria with rows of tables and stools. The seating does not really encourage loungers, but surprisingly that’s what we all did. It wasn’t just us, most of the patrons in that restaurant were sitting around long after the food and desserts were over, without any pressure/hints from the waiters to leave. Something I really appreciate.

And how was the food? Like I said, you need to be an egg-lover to enjoy it. I am not a huge egg person, but I can and did appreciate the perfectly made garden frittata that I ordered. It was beyond yummy, and just the right amount for my tummy.

Yum Frittata

Yum Frittata Accompanied by Garlic Bread

However, the garlic bread that accompanied it could have done with a bit more garlic and butter. Garlic bread should be absolutely sinful, not like diet food.

My friends who ordered the pastas found them delicious but filling. I think it helps to go there after skipping your breakfast, so you can do justice to the food.

All in all, really nice eating experience, and if it was a bit closer to my house, this would definitely be one of my regular haunts. It’s definitely cost-effective enough for people to visit regularly.

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  • Vishy

    This looks so awesome! That Frittata looks so yummy! I have to visit this place when I come to Bangalore next time 🙂 Thanks for writing about this 🙂

  • Yogesh Mokashi

    Thanks for the good words. We do look forward to having you back soon…and yes we hope to be in other parts of Bangalore soon..
    The Team @ the egg factory

    • @Yogesh: All well-deserved :). We had a great time there.

  • Is the Egg Factory a chain, or is that the only one? The restaurant sounds like such an interesting concept, and your meal looks scrumptious! I’m jealous of your day.

    • @Justin: I think it’s a stand-only restaurant

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  • I like the quietness of the place. I even liked its washroom design, made to look like a submarine with old pipes :p

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