My Lust List


I have seen this tag/meme floating around on some of my blogger buddy’s blogs and it tempted me to create one list of my own…

Then, I thought and thought. And then I came up with an out-of-this world list (at least for me)

So here goes…hopefully listing them out will prompt me to make some effort to go after them.

  • A leisurely holiday in Europe. And by leisurely, I mean leisurely…as in say 5-6 months :), living in local pensiones, and maybe even learning a language!
  • A new car to replace the beaten-up Zen I have. Even a chauffeur maybe :). I am not a car geek, so I am not particular, but of course a BMW would rock my world! I really like this model…
    The BMW X5

    The BMW X5

  • A dream bedroom like this one, so I could dream even more often 🙂
    Sigh! So beautiful...

    Sigh! So beautiful...

    Actually, I think I lust after practically everything I see on Houzz 🙁

And that’s it, I think…short list, but things I really lust after, but will probably never have.

See more lust lists here and here. What do you crave for? Post and link to it here, I would love to know 🙂

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  • That bedroom is absolutely dreamy!

  • I saw this BMW model yesterday in Delhi.. Its look is sexy..

  • You into SUVs too? I love them! And that bedroom really is a dreamy one!

  • You know my sister DID that! She took off backpacking in Europe for 3 full months after her college got over! I hate her ever since.

    By the way, great blog! Will keep coming!

  • That bedroom looks ah! blissful!!! Nice tag & if I compile my list then it wud be never ending 😉

  • Young1

    Pretty cool wish list – especially the getaway for 6 months! Where would you start? I think it would be Bali!

    As for the car – i like BMW’s but that model looks a bit outdated now with the lush Range Rovers about!!!

    Bedroom definitely is LUSH if i woke up to that view every morning there would be no reason to be unhappy would there?!

  • priyaiyer

    woah! that’s some lust list 😀
    aaaah a 5-6 month vacation in europe. wouldn’t that just be bliss? 🙂

    • @priyaiyer: Yup, that’s why I call it my LUST list 🙂

  • Oh, the room looks beautiful, and I think it is substantially bigger than the apartment I share with two other people. :/ I am dreaming of the day I will have my own studio apartment with enough room for two bookshelves.

    • @Jenny: It is substantially bigger than my own too :). My apartment is also filled to the brim with too much stuff!

  • Ahh a 5-6 month ‘vacation’ would be ideal!

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