A Bad Case of RSI


My blog posts have decreased in frequency of late…and there are a couple of reasons for that. Tons of work to complete, combined with less time and inclination to read, and … this awful, chronic pain in my wrists :(.

I first noticed this sometime last month, but ignored it thinking it would go away by itself. Really smart, right? It was only when I was in such acute pain that day-to-day activities such as chopping veggies, or even turning the pages of my paperback caused such agonies that I acknowledged that there was a problem and hauled myself over to the orthopaedic.

Turns out it is some kind of RSI…oof…I had no idea this could be so painful and crippling. Basically, my lifestyle is such that I am always attached to some device or the other. If I am not working on my laptop, then I am blogging/tweeting/facebooking, and yes, even reading books on my iPad. Looks like something had got to give, and turns out it was my wrists :(.

Thankfully, things are better now. I have been scheduled for regular physiotherapy for the next couple of weeks, after which the doc will reassess my condition.

As it stands, I am already feeling more comfortable using my hands for all my daily work. Thank goodness!

So anyways, I am back to blogging, and reading books and you can look forward to tons of reviews coming up!

Another milestone I will be celebrating this month is my blogoversary, and I am going to be celebrating that with a giveaway! International to boot!! So, keep looking in, I am back, and hopefully things will look up this month 🙂

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  • Poor you! I’m sorry! I had really bad tendonitis in both arms one year in high school, and I was unprepared for how crippling it was. I couldn’t type or take notes or pick things up, plus my arms just hurt all the time. It’s miserable. Be healed soon! 🙂

    • @Jenny: Ouch! That must have been so painful. In school, that too…

  • I didnt know this really happened. I hope it gets much better…I know it would be horrible.

  • Oh no! I get this too, mostly because I sit on a computer typing all day at work. I try to stay offline for the majority of the weekend and just read or cook or do something non-computery because otherwise my work week gets very, very painful. It’s awful, so I’m glad to hear your wrists are feeling a bit better.

  • same pinch on the wrist injury. mine comes from the psp though 🙂

    • @theanlogkid: you too 😀 …are you taking treatment somewhere? where?

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