A Fitness Update


Some of you more observant readers might have noticed that I recently added tai chi to my exercise list in the A Brief Bio widget on this page. This is a part of my overall resolution to bump up my fitness levels back to my pre-snubnose levels. For the past couple of years, I just left myself drift on an ocean of junk food, and carb fest blaming my over-eating on stress and lack of time.

I started out with a bang earlier this year with the running and the push-ups. I gave up on the push-ups a couple of weeks later when it got too tough. I was a bit concerned with hurting my back trying to do more than I could. I continued with the running and now I have the stamina to run for an hour! Not very fast though 🙁 so I still need to work on my speed, but I am quite happy with my progress.

The weight loss has also been proportionate with my efforts. I am now able to fit in all the jeans that I did before the snubnose. There is one downside to the weight loss though that I didn’t really expect. Old friends are thrilled that I am back to the same old Nishita again, but people who have known me only the last year or so have become super-concerned. Are you feeling well? Hope you are not sick? And the worst, why don’t you get checked for diabetes? – urggh…enough with the questions already. I am feeling perfectly fine, thank you very much!

Now that the monsoons have set in, running is no longer possible on a regular basis, so enter tai chi. I have been practicing it for the past couple of months, and I have been meaning to blog about it in greater detail, but I thought I’d wait a bit to see if I really enjoy it or not.

I have always wanted to learn some form of martial art, but somehow something or the other (usually lack of initiative on my part) saw to it that nothing ever came of my general dreaming about it

Until the day one of my colleagues at work decided to do a short presentation and demo of tai chi for us at work. After a few of us expressed interest begged him to start conducting regular tai chi classes at work, he agreed to teach us the basic 8 forms in the office space itself. After that, if we are still interested, we can continue with our tai chi practise at the Tai chi Academy in Indra Nagar. It’s been pretty good going so far. We have learnt 6 forms (there are more than 85, so we are just beginning), but I love the experience already.

Usually, when I take up some exercise regimen, it’s about quick results – how much weight will I be able to lose. This time though, it’s not about the weight. It’s all about enjoying the journey of learning. I love the thought that goes into the practice of tai chi – the concepts of yin and yang, the care and attention to detail that our tai chi master is bringing to our classes, the beauty and fluidity of the movements as you move from one form to another. Here is a video of a tai chi practitioner going through the forms:

There is beauty and fluidity, but there is also a force involved. Currently, I am extremely clumsy and forgetful while practicing, but I hope to be as graceful one day. Don’t be fooled by the video, folks! it’s much harder than it looks.

Let’s see how it goes, will definitely keep you all updated 🙂

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  • Tai Chi seems interesting to try. How long do you train for?

    • @Hiral : Currently, I practise with an instructor for twice a week for an hour, but as the forms get more strenuous, I will be doing it thrice a week. I also practise the movements at home.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting. I visited your site as well and find it very informative 🙂

  • Set goals and stick to them. This is great information I enjoyed reading.

  • More power to you 🙂

  • The very first think i do when starting my fitness exercise, i do lot of sit ups and push ups to make my body feel relaxed and when i started to have sweet i feel my body ready for some hard fitness exercise.

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