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Young girls wearing high heels. I simply do not. Last month, when I went shopping with the snubnose to the Lifestyle Department store for much needed shoes and socks, I was surprised and dismayed to find heels in her size (she’s only 4years old!!).

Frantic sleight of hand and distraction techniques followed, and I successfully managed to steer her away to the more sensible sneakers and flat sandals.

And then I forgot about the whole incident until I saw this picture of Tom Cruise’s daughter Suri wearing these really cute shoes, and I realized that the shoes the snubnose was eyeing in Lifestyle were pretty much knockoffs of this style.

Suri Cruise Does Look Adorable Though, Doesn't she?

Suri Cruise Does Look Adorable Though, Doesn't she?

For a moment, I burned with envy. The snubnose would have looked equally cute dressed up like this. Check out the matching handbag, heels, and earrings. Whew! Is it crazy that I am drooling over a kiddo’s wardrobe 🙂

And then reality and practicality dawned on me. Apart from developmental and posture issues, I just feel that this is the age when boys and girls are really equal to each other physically. This is the age where she can and should be running around, raising hell, and generally having a good time without too much concern for her appearance. The emphasis on looking good, beauty, etc, should come later after other aspects of the personality are developed.

Or am I just being harsh because that was the way I grew up?

What do you think? At what age are heels okay for girls? At what age, would a girl be carrying her own lip balm and applying it? (take a closer look at the photo :))

For now, I”ll content myself and the snubnose by styling her hair different ways. Easy on the budget, and easier on my conscience 🙂

OK, OK, the above sentence was just an excuse to post these cute (even if I may say so) of the snubnose with different hair styles.

Profile View of her Braid

Profile View of her Braid

A Simple Braid Prettified with Colorful Clips Preventing her Hair From Falling onto her Face

A Simple Braid Prettified with Colorful Clips Preventing her Hair From Falling onto her Face

And so for now, the snubnose will have to tolerate and live with my meagre efforts.

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  • Nice post… Happy to see a mom discussing such important issues openly..

    More than that, your snubnose looks cute in these pics 🙂

  • Completely agree with you about the heels and the lip balm and everything–I don’t think I even asked to wear heels until I was in my teens, that’s how much they weren’t on my radar. Putting little girls in heels can come a bit close to treating them like dolls, I feel like.

    Love the snub-nose’s hair! Adorable!

  • I don’t like it either, not at all. Let kids be kids. As you say, apart from physical reasons, why can’t she just be a “kid” – not guy, gal, totally sexualized object.

    I wasn’t allowed to wear heels until I was 14 or 15. (I know things are different now). It was HUGE deal, and it was a privilege. I was so excited. So that’s the other thing – why can’t it be a milestone, something to aspire to?

  • Your post in a way asks the question a lot of parents are facing nowadays …which is “What is the ‘too’ young age?” … its great that you are not carried away by the crazy generation who forgot the right age for everything … which also gives rise to the next question How long can these little kids be away from the ‘temptations’ ?
    and Suri Cruise’s pictures are sold for thousands of dollar from the day she was born cause she’s born in a showbiz household….the worst thing is that this phenomenon is affecting our lives as well..

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