Taking Back a Twitter Comment on American Television


Yesterday, I tweeted that American television is a very strange beast. Couple of questions then bounced back asking why.

Well, I guess I need to undo that statement. You see, I am not a regular or even occasional TV watcher. If physically forced to sit down (times with the family in front of the TV) and if I don’t have anything interesting to read, well then…and only then I watch TV.

The point I am trying to make is that I have no idea that Indian TV is any different from American. I am sure there are enough and more reality shows, dating shows, and movie gossip and stuff. It’s just that I haven’t been exposed to it.

These days after work, I get back to my dinky little hotel room, sit back with a cup of coffee, and switch on the TV – just because it’s too late to do anything interesting.

And all I see are car chases, news items about crazy things happening in the world, and weather reports, which are really not mind-blowingly interesting.

But then, once in a while I come across something really sweet and heart-warming, which makes me go a little ooohhh…

Watch this clip I was able to pull out from youtube:

It’s a lovely video of how a bus driver’s regular passengers decide to surprise him on his birthday. Just catch his smile at the end of the video :). It’s so sweet that I am wondering whether this could be a fake. What do you think? Real or fake?

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  • Hope its not fake. I love the video 🙂

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