A Mother’s Day Trinket, An Update, and a Riddle…

Happy Mothers Day to Everyone

Happy Mothers Day to Everyone

As you can probably guess from my post title, I am cramming three completely different topics into a single blog post (sheer laziness). But no worries, I am going to link them all somehow together 🙂

First up, wish all you moms out there a Happy Belated Mother’s Day!

I am normally not too much into celebrating various “days” – women’s day, mother’s day, and so on…but this mother’s day, I wanted to treat myself and the snubnose to something a little more special. Reason why will come up a little later in this post.

In the meantime, ignore my tired, end-of-day skin and feast your eyes on…

This Charming Little Trinket

This Charming Little Mother’s Day Trinket

The snubnose and I were long overdue a hair trim. So, on Mother’s Day, I booked an appointment at the parlour for the basic hair trim. To make it a little extra special, I threw in a shampoo and blow dry as well for the snubnose. She was super-thrilled; simply loved the grown-up feeling of it all. To add to the surprise, while she was waiting for me to be done with my haircut, the parlour attendant very kindly polished her nails (on the house). She was over the moon. Here is a photo of the snubnose showing off…

She Chose the Most Garish Shade of Pink Available

She Chose the Most Garish Shade of Pink Available

which brings me to the next topic in the list…the reason why I made Mother’s Day a bit more of an occasion

An Update: I am traveling to the US on work for a short while. I will be visiting the bay area in California as well as this magnificent mystery place 🙂

How can people bear to work in office in such a beautiful place?

How can people bear to work in office in such a beautiful place?

I will be gone for a full two weeks, and this is the first time the snubnose and I will be away from each other. She is a bit apprehensive and worried about how she will manage without me, but she is putting a pretty brave face on it. I am wondering how I will manage without her 🙁 . Apart from this, I am pretty excited and charged up about this trip.

The past month has been pretty hectic and although I have been able to keep up with my blogging, I have remained quiet on other people’s blogs. I just don’t have the time these days, so apologies to all you great folks with the excellent blog posts that have remained uncommented by me. In fact, these days I have taken to subscribing to my favorite blogs, making it easier for me to read straight from my inbox.

So apologies to all for that…and hoping that I will be able to return to a more active participation sometime soon.

Talking about my trip brings me to the next topic on the agenda…

A Riddle:

Packing reading material for the journey. When I went to Eloor Library this weekend, I was super-excited to see this new book written by this hot new author who’s been burning up the blogosphere in the past six months or so. Art is a huge theme in this book, and it inspired me to change the background of my blog yet again 🙂

This book has had some good reviews and some bad reviews. But, it’s being READ, and ultimately that’s all that counts right? for the author and the publisher at least 🙂

Anyway, this is my pick for my travels. However, it is so gripping that I am already more than halfway through, and might end up finishing this book even before I start my trip. Yes, it’s that good!

Any guesses which book it might be?

And did the moms among you do something special for Mother’s Day?

  • Have a great trip and the pic of snubnose showing off her nails is soooo cute !!!

  • Oh girl, ytou got swan thieves..it’s lying in my shelves for a review, it’s that good huh ???
    Lovely trinket..In our house we don’t do Mother’s Day or Father’s..we are ok with that…
    Any plans on visiting the LA or SanDiego side..I am on this side…I will email you with my phone no..if time permits,call me..

  • Love her manicure! :p I would have felt like such a grown-up even having my hair cut by a proper stylist, when I was a kid – my sister’s best friend’s mother always cut our hair. Sounds like y’all had fun!

  • dmanji

    Happy Mother’s day to you too…. Have safe and rocking trip and be back with a bang!


  • I am clueless with the riddles. Well, I just bought my mom a box of chocolate cake yesterday and a bottle of her favorite cologne. Belated Happy Mother’s day to all the mothers by the way.

  • Is it the Swan Thieves ? 🙂

    Have a safe trip..

    • @Shweta: Looks like I made it too easy, huh! Yes, it’s Swan Thieves 🙂

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