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Since I don’t seem to have anything momentous to post this week, I thought I’d share some wonderful book covers I saw on Creative Review this weekend.

These covers are a collaboration between Penguin and Project [RED] – an AIDS awareness fund.

I liked some covers more than the others (Dracula was one of my not-so appealing ones), however, I would jump at the opportunity to buy all these books as a set (even though I already own most of them anyway). I think it’s a genius idea to have the red on the covers along with text from the book. So simple, yet so elegant.

Here are some of the covers that I especially liked…

What do you think? Would you buy these books just for the beautiful covers?

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  • Mae

    I LOVE the Great Expectations cover. It seems to be one of the more liked cover out of the rest. There Raquin was my other favourite. I want them all even though I’ve already got a copy. :-/ I love how Penguin always finds creative ways to reinvent classic covers to entire buyers.

  • I really like the Great Expectations Cover – so much better than the drab cover on the Barnes and Noble classic series. I do agree though, the Dracula cover was quite horrible. Besides, I just bought Dracula in leatherbound so no more replacing it for fancier covers.

  • Edith Wharton’s House Of Mirth appeals to me too

  • hmmm.. I saw these and I like the idea a lot!

  • Ji
  • Love these covers! I am a sucker for cover art (well, any art really) that incorporates words. I agree with y’all, the Edith Wharton one is the best!

  • Kals

    I love the first cover and the wonderful title. I’ll buy that one for sure! 😀

    Great pick!

    • @Kals: that was my favorite too 🙂

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