Blog Revamp…To do or not to do?


So, I have been contemplating changing my blog’s theme for some time. Played around with the Monochrome theme, which I liked a lot. Eventually decided against it because I felt it was too similar in style to the Inove theme I had not too long ago.

I have finally settled on this one – Tarski. I am still not sure about it though. I like a lot of things about it – its neatness, the fonts, the overall cleanness of it. What I don’t like is that it does not allow me to upload large photos, something that Vigilance (my previous theme) allowed me to do. I also don’t like the fact that it does not allow an optional 2-column for my widgets. Instead, I have an option to add widgets to my footer – something I don’t plan on doing. I hate footer widgets.

So, basically what I am right now is confused.

I need an opinion from you, dear regular readers of my blog…do you like this new theme or do you think I should revert back to my original look?

I also need a new header. Again, if you have header/theme suggestions for me, please leave a comment. I am willing to give all suggestions a decent shot 🙂

Post update: There’s something very weird going on with the comment display. I will try to fix it later on today. If it still does not fall into place, I am just gonna revert back to Vigilance 🙁

Another update: Comments are working fine now, so bring on the feedback.

  • Ray

    I concur… this is a very clean layout, but the stark whiteness with little to offer in the way of a header graphic or anything else leaves it feeling way to clean. I feel like I am visiting a hospital room or something – 🙂

    • @Ray: I recently changed my blog look again because I realized that e blog looked great on laptop and desktop screens but was virtually unreadable on my iPad and probably the mobile devices as well. Hence I decided to play it safe and go without a background.

      I know it is a bit clinical looking, but it will have to do for now, I guess 🙁

  • Gone back to Vigilance. Majority rules here on my blog!

    I decided to retain the milky-white Nirma soap look from the Tarski blog, and change my header.

    I think this change should satisfy my design instincts for now 🙂

  • dmanji

    Honestly this one doesn’t look any better than your previous one but maybe if you can do something with the header then this one may become a nice one….. and I am not at all good at headers so you can safely keep me out of list of people with suggestions 😀

    • Ya Dhiman, I really need to get hold of a nice header…this one sucks 🙁

  • Samuel

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  • sumanam

    I like the vigilance more 🙂
    But this is very clean, to me too clean!!!

  • this one is simple and nice.. but vigilance is very good for personilizing the blog… we can change the colour and have lot of options…

    I like this… but vigilance is also good..

    • That’s true Kanagu, Vigilance is very open to customization

      Looks like Vigilance is the popular option, will wait for a few more opinions and then probably revert back to Vigilance…

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