Snubnose is Starting Young!


Here’s a snippet of a random conversation I had one night last week with the snubnose:

Me: C’mon, let’s go to sleep. I am tired
Snubnose: why tired, mama?
Me: Because I went to office
Snubnose: Why you go to office, mama?
Me: Because I have to earn money
Snubnose: Mama, I want money
Me: why, baby?
Snubnose: I want to go shopping!!!

She sure is starting young!!

Talking about shopping, here’s a little something I spotted in Sanctuary and just had to pick up. Sanctuary stuff can be very up-down in quality, but the day I went, they had the coolest stuff. Had to really restrain myself from considering anything else.

That rare phenomena - smart yet comfortable shoes

That rare phenomena - smart yet comfortable shoes

Of course no photo session can be complete without the snubnose sticking her nose in. So, here’s an additional one 🙂

Showing off the new pink sweater my mum knitted for her

Showing off the new pink sweater my mum knitted for her

An oops: Please ignore the mess in the background. Mess is part of the package when the unruly snubnose is in full gear. Also, I am feeling too lazy to photoshop it all out 🙂

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  • 🙂 Yes, with most of Bangalore’s twinkling evening lights from the Shopping Malls, I completely agree with your daughter 🙂

    nice post 🙂

  • dmanji

    Yeah a new avatar 😀 I wanted the Hritik’s latest Kites look minus the long hairs but ended up with this look 😛 ….

    • hahaha…yah, Hrithik;s Kites look is very nice 🙂

  • sumanam

    Oh come on, isn’t mess part of the package when you have kids 🙂 , come to my house, you will feel yours is nothing !!!!
    Well yours, wants to shop, my 7yr old wants a wallet , with money inside ..

    • Good to hear that Sumana. Some of my friends seem to be able to manage a pristine house with kids. I have never quite managed the knack 🙂

  • dmanji

    He! He! He! Starting young indeed ! Ofcourse we know the mess is part of the package 😉 …

    • Dhiman, is that a new gravatar? why is it so udhaas?

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