Back from Vacationitis…


So, I am back from vacation and I have so much to blog about I just don’t know where to start. I am still so perked up after the short break that I am probably going to blather on in my blog for the next couple of weeks about the fun we had (interspersed with long pending reviews of course!).

I spent the whole of last week attending a friend’s wedding in Mumbai, and then traipsed off to Goa’s sunny shores for some much needed R and R.

Before I start off relating my travel saga, I just need to add some tidbits about the shopping preparations leading up to the trip. After all, that’s where the fun first started.

My friends and I went on a random shopping trip to Commercial Street (Bangalore’s top street shopping destination), when I suddenly got the brilliant idea of getting a new salwar kameez for my friend’s wedding. Popped in to Fazal’s and immediately hit on the perfect one for me. In muted shades of green and brown (I love this color combo, even my blog has a similar color scheme :)) with just the right amount of sequins, I knew I had a winner with this one.

Here is a shot of the salwar:

The colors are really beautiful, here they appear a bit too bright

The colors are really beautiful in actuality, here they appear a bit too bright

One of my friends also mentioned seeing a gorgeous churidhar kameez at a newly opened boutique called Suvasa in Indra Nagar, suggesting that I might also like that one for the wedding. I didn’t really take her suggestion seriously but then I happened to pass the store a couple of days later, and saw it displayed. Walked in and within 10 mins, this one was also a part of my closet 🙂

Here is a shot of the churidhar (did I mention it is pure silk :)):

Quite a steal for a silk churidhar kurta

Quite a steal for a silk churidhar kurta

So, everything clothes-related was set for the trip. Now, I only had to decide on the books I was planning to take with me.

I thought something light and not too taxing would be ideal, and so into the suitcase went Everyone Worth Knowing by Lauren Weisberger and Peony in Love by Lisa See.

I have finished with the Lauren Weisberger, which turned out to be a disappointing read. I pretty much love what I have read so far of Peony in Love, and am looking forward to seeing how the story evolves.

Also coming up are more photos and some fun travel memories that I’d like to share with you all 🙂

Ciao for now!

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  • I like your collection. Superb! Thanks for these designs.

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  • So how was ur Mumbai/Goa holiday? I never got arnd to posting the rest of my mumbai trip and I have already gone for two other trips 🙁 Work has been hectic. Cousin sis is bk frm the US for a short vacation and so plan to go shopping 🙂 Did you know Shobs was in town?

    • Mumbai/Goa was great 🙂

      Planning to post more about it in the coming weeks.

      Ya, I got an email from Shobs asking me for my number. By the time I responded, she had left.

      So, where else did you go after Mumbai? What’s new year ka plans?

      Belated Christmas wishes to you n Kalai. I always keep forgetting to wish you 🙁

      Happy new year 2010 as well 🙂

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    • Thanks. I will think up something for the photo and put up my suggestion

  • sumanam

    Love your suits…Pls. post a picture you wearing them!!! a little virtual fashion show…

    • Will definitely post something 🙂

      Right now, just catching up with work, and trying to sort out all the photos n everything

  • Kals

    Oh lovely churidars! The blue is so pleasing, as is the first green 🙂

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