The Future of Shopping?


How I wish shopping was this easy and this quick! No more long waits at the changing rooms, and running back and forth worrying about fit.

Btw, for those techies out there reading this blog. Can you help me understand how this technology works? How does the ISR G2 actually function to make this possible? How cutting-edge is this really?

What I want to know really is how soon can we see these in stores 🙂

Cisco makes the best advertisements ever!

And even though it was for a short duration, it makes me feel proud to have worked in Cisco. If I had been lucky enough to work in Cisco advertising, I just might never have left!

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  • Prema

    Wow, I wonder if we can try saris like that. The ad was very good

  • bibimukh


  • That would be soooooooo cool.I wish I could shop like that 🙂 Can I ? Anytime soon 🙂 Great ad ..

  • Fantastic 🙂

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