If I were a baby again…


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As one more year draws to a close, it is an appropriate time to sit back and reflect…what would it be like to be a baby again?

  • to have nice, soft baby skin again
  • to have absolute strangers break into a grin when they see you
  • to have a potbelly and thunder thighs and yet to be called “cutie pie”
  • to have only two responsibilities in life – eating and pooping
  • to have your entire life in front of you with the chance to relive it all over again

but then, I wouldn’t be able:

  • to drive
  • to watch movies of my choice
  • to travel or do adult stuff on my own
  • to do what I want when I want
  • to do so many other things that this list would be just too long

Hmm…forget about being a baby, could I just be 20 all over again??? it seems like the ideal age- all the advantages of youth with all the freedom of maturity!

What do you think? which age would you like to go back to?

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  • n most importantly “blogging” ….

  • Amrit

    And yes…I loved this template. Very neat and the page is loading faster as well. Good one! 🙂

    • Thanks Amrit. I saw this template first on Dhiman’s blog and liked how neat it lookd.

      Also, I seriously reduced the number of widgets 😀

  • Amrit

    There you go!!! Good to see you particpating in this marathon! I am yet to do it…dunno when I shall participate!

  • being a baby is “ideal condition” for me.. 😛 😀

  • I would love to go back being a kid again! But I feel that there are pros and cons at every age.

  • i would want to go back to by 10 to 15 years – in the high school. That’s when/where i had the most fun

    • wow…a lot of people here want to go back to high-school! funt times, huh…what about preparing for the boards??

  • yeah 20 is a good age to be in 🙂 wish I could rewind time

  • hi..

    Nice post…..simple, practical and thoughtful.

    I will definitely go back to my age of schooling because
    I wanted to change my school,
    I wanted to learn flying kites and playing marbles
    and more to write….

    • Oh no…Mahesh, school is one horror time for me. Never want to revisit that time again!

  • 18 is definitely good age to be.. 🙂 Right amount of freedom and right amount non responsibility (is that the right word to use 🙂 )

  • Rohini

    potbelly and thunder thighs!! lol!! very funny!!

  • dmanji

    Good to see you at the Blog-a-ton 4 …. Ekdum right 20-21 is the right time to go back to …. best age 😀

  • Meandered in from Blog-a-ton. Sorry to see your entry was late and not eligible for voting…

    20 is something I would not want to be ! 1/2 way done with Engg, not sure about the job market, Dad is about to retire and you are the eldest et al ; maybe 22 as that’s when all clicked but if I could, I would want to be 10-12. But if wishes could be horses..

    • No problem, Madhu…I was beyond late in the submission. Hopefully, next time, I will not procrastinate quite so much 🙂

      Thanks for visiting and commenting 🙂

  • 18 🙂 has been the best so far..

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