Request for Interview Granted…Ahem!


Last week, I was pretty excited to be interviewed by the folks at Webneetech – a website development and SEO company.

These folks primarily interview entrepreneurs but have recently started featuring bloggers as well.

Well, enough rambling here. You can read more of my ramblings at

It was a fun opportunity for me and thanks to Webneetech for featuring me on their page today 🙂

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  • dmanji

    Yes I want to participate in Blog-a-ton but the post is not ready yet the topic seems really tricky but I think I will have some thing by Saturday …. Do participate its really a lot of fun ….believe me….

    • I am participating this time but yet to think of something interesting enough…

  • This is a wonderful news Nishi!!! Wow..interview and!!! So even you are now in the best of the bloggers league!! I am so happy!! Keep up the good work! 😀

  • Its a great token of appreciation for webneetech also…..we are going for another round of change in coming days…will get in touch with you again for that. Be in touch.

    • Sure, Anamika…will be interested to know what changes you are making

  • Coool dudette!! Congrats!! Simply awesm! Interview n all tht eh?? Nicey nice.. happy for ya 😀

    • thank you, thank you, thank you KC 🙂

      Like your new avatar, damn cute, it is!

  • Berni

    That’s cool, Nishita!

    • hey Berni…nice to see you here 🙂 Didn’t know you read my blog!

  • Congratulations 🙂

    • thank you Deepa 🙂

  • sumanam

    Congrats Nish!!! This pic is you right with your kid… Lovely, finally a face to the person…

    • Yes, actually my archived posts have a ton of photos and personal info.

      I have kind of migrated away from that these days 🙂

  • dmanji

    Wow a interview!!! I read it and learnt a few tips on how to popularize the blog … It was a very nice & useful one too !!!

    • Thanks 🙂

      Btw, you need tips on popularizing your blog?? It’s quite popular already, isn’t it 😀

      You participating for the Blog-a-ton this week?

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