Two Hindi Songs I am Tripping on Right now


Bollywood music is really rocking these days. I am currently completely into these ones:

Iktara from Wake up Sid

Aaj dil gustakh hai from Blue

I am going to watch Blue this weekend. Really looking forward to it 🙂

What music is running through your head these days?

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  • 🙂 By the way your movie review was too good, if possible give us your review on BLUE when u finished watching, i will plan to watch it after wearing my black sunglasses 😉

  • agree Bollywood songs are getting better and better, especially IKTARA is great but i will prefer to listen to BLUE songs instead of watching it 😉

    • hehe…I get what you mean 🙂

  • dmanji

    Well I’ll not say anything about ‘Blue’ 😉 but currently I am hooked onto ‘Tum Mile’ songs another winner from Pritam after Love Aaajkal album…

    • I’ve heard only the title song of Tum Mile..that one is quite nice. Most Emraan Hashmi movies have good songs 🙂

  • I love Iktara too. It’s a great song and also kinda soothing..Do tell us how u liked Blue cos I am waiting to watch it only after I hear some reviews 🙂

    • I never did get to see Blue. Plans got changed. Hopefully, will see it sometime soon. I love underwater action movies with sharks 😀

  • Amrit

    Even I like that song from Wake Up Sid!!! I believe I am missing out on lot of hindi movies and songs since I came here 🙁

    • You definitely are!!

      But, I am sure you are making it up in other ways 😀

  • sumanam

    nice songs…it’s been so long i watched hindi movies…oops iam wrong any movies!!!!!!! maybe when the kids grow up a bit…iam just glad that i get to read some books atleast…

    • hehe…I can empathize. I have just finished with that stage. Now my daughter wants to watch movies and that’s how I also get to see them now 🙂

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