Wanted – A Movie Review

Really Cool Movie Poster (copied from somewhere perhaps?)

Really Cool Movie Poster (copied from somewhere perhaps?)

Wanted, the latest Bollywood flick is a remake of the Tamil and Telegu super-hits Pokkiri.

This movie is about a contract killer named Radhe played by Salman Khan. He is a hitman who makes his living killing various people for money.

He falls in love with Jahnavi a girl played by Ayesha Takia who is harassed by a corrupt police inspector. Radhe protects her from the policeman, and the two fall in love. However, Jahnavi wants him to change his ways, and go honest.

The story is pretty standard Bollywood action fare, and there is nothing spectacular about it. However, Salman Khan is extremely charismatic and really carries the film on his shoulders. He is also looking much more fresher and more energetic than in his other recent movies. Ayesha Takia is extremely sweet n adorable. The chemistry between the two really shines. The pacing and length of the movie is perfect. The songs and dances are fun to watch as well. There is also a surprising twist towards the end of the story, which I definitely did not guess.

All in all it is a full on entertainer, which is made for masses. The director, Prabhu Deva has done a good job. I also loved the few moments in the song Jalwa when Prabhu Deva does a few dance steps (he has definitely not lost any of his dancing skills). I wish I could have seen him dance in one complete song though 🙁

One drawback to the movie – the action is a little bit too violent for my taste.

I have not seen the Tamil and Telgu versions of this movie, so I cannot really compare Wanted with them. Anyone seen the Tamil/Telegu versions? Is Wanted superior to them?

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  • dmanji

    I have seen both Telugu\Tamil both have been a league of their own with male leads Mahesh Babu\Vijai doing really exceptional and I missed the main song “Dole Dole than” which was retained in two versions but sadly not in Hindi. Actually the Wanted’s Music was pretty average, Also I missed Asin who according to me did a very nice job in Tamil but I think I am being little biased to the Original like always we are 😀

    • Yes, I never saw the originals, so I could like this one.

      Definitely, Vijay would have had a lot more energy and his dancing is always the best 🙂

  • Lol! 🙂

  • Amrit

    I am yet to watch this movie. It is not playing here 🙁

    • I don’t know if it will run there. It is not the NRI type of fare 🙂

  • Have not watched tamil or telugu, but your review makes me think about watching Hindi version soon.. Looks like it is an interesting make.

    • Yes, it is a good timepass movie, watch out for the violence though!

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