Searching for Inspiration


Usually, I have no problems finding topics for my blog posts. In fact, I usually have a long list of things to talk about.

However, last week I ran dry of all topics. I just could not think of a single thing to write about. It is partly due to the fact that I have had 2 consecutive long weekends that we spent just mouching about at home doing nothing. By doing nothing, I literally mean that. We just sat around on the couch watching moronic TV. I didn’t read anything, didn’t go anywhere, just sat around nursing my cold, and cleaning home. I am now starting to dread the next one coming up this weekend 🙁

Now, you understand why I am in such a blue funk sitting in front of my laptop and just don’t know what to write about.

Anyway, enough of the pity party! I want to know how you other bloggers handle it when your ideas run dry.

Where do you look for inspiration? How do you generate blog post ideas? Do you blog on regardless with filler items, or do you give blogging a break?

I would love to hear from you 🙂

  • Well…my approach is totally different. I dont force myself when there is no thoughts on which I can blog.

    When I face that writer’s block…I just let it go. I know I will be back sooner or later.

    But you are back…and with a bang! 🙂

  • Wow! You are out of that Writer’s block, coz there’s a new post already!

    Well, to hide this block, I take up Tags or Memes! 😀

    • Ya, tags are a good idea, I think…

      The next post was an old one. I had kept it in Drafts, and had forgotten to publish it 🙂

  • dmanji

    I think I am late for answer because you already have posted a new post … so you’ve got your inspiration 😀 …
    and I suffer from lack of ideas perpetually but most of the times I give it sometime and start observing my surroundings and reading other blogs often it gives me enough fuel for the blog 😀 ….

    • Actually, that was an old post that I had in my Drafts folder…just pulled it out and published it 🙂

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