It Never Rains but Pours…


awards that is 🙂

The nicest award a blog can get :)

The nicest award a blog can get 🙂

Thank you Prashansa so much for this. I am beyond thrilled to receive this award!

I pass this award on to:

The International Bloggers Community Award

The International Bloggers Community Award

Another lovely, totally unexpected award that I received is The International Bloggers Community Award from Makk. This award I pass on to:

Thanks again for all the love 🙂

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  • Amrit

    Hey…the award is reflecting on my blog now. Thanks once again for this wonderful getsure.

    • You’re so welcome 🙂

  • Heyyy… Wht a lovely surprise!! Thnk you 😀 Now How do I add it to my blog? Full confusion 😐

    • You’re welcome 🙂

      If you want to add it as a widget to the side of your page, then just do the following after downloading the image to your comp:

      1. Create a new post (work in HTML mode not Visual mode).
      2. Click on the image icon to upload the image from your system into the new post.
      3. Copy the code that appears in your blog post.
      4. Go to the Widgets page and move a new Text widget to the sidebar.
      5. Paste the code into the Text widget and click Save.

      Btw, your new gravatar is damn cute!

  • Kewl!! So its all award raining here..ahan!!

    You deserve it lady. And thanks so much for awarding me. I mean I am truly honored the way you find my blog worthy enough for such awards. 🙂

    By the way…even I awarded your blog…but I believe someone already passed that award to you. 🙁

  • sumanam

    Congratulations on both the deserve it…keep up with your wonderful blog.
    Thanks for the award you passed me to…it is so wonderful…Thanks…

    • You’re welcome. I love not your book reviews, but also the choice of books you choose to blog about 🙂

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  • dmanji

    Thank You so much for the awards !!! And actually you too qualify for the awards in my last post 😀

    • Yes, I saw your collection of awards 🙂 But, now I think I am quite awarded out. Will probably do like Shilpa next time – collect a bunch of awards and then do one giant awards party LOL

  • WoW! Two-Two awards!! 🙂
    Congratulations!!! And Celebrations!!!! 🙂

    • Thanks 🙂

      When I got these awards, I went straight away to your blog to give you one…only to see you got these already ages ago :))

  • Congrats on your awards!! Thanks so much for adding my All Hallows Eve button to you page, that is so nice of you 🙂

    • It was my pleasure to put up your button. Really looking forward to your reviews, and am glad I have discovered your blog 🙂

  • Aww thanks Nish! I’m glad I came across yours too!

    • You’re welcome. I have also linked to your blog 🙂

  • Good for you 🙂 Now, just pass on the award to other blogs that you love 🙂

  • Whoa… Seriously, thats the first award I am getting!!! 😐 :O 🙂 😀

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